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About the Photographer

A Lifelong Love Afair with Nature

Peter James was raised with the dramatic seasons and abundant lakes of northern Michigan. Since he can rememeber, he was playing in the water and the forests, with no desire ever to come inside.



When he was 14, his dad gave him his first manual film camera and taught him how to develop and print his own black and white photos. From the first day he left his house with that camera to explore what he could see and capture throught the lens, he fell in love with nature photography.

Ever since then he has been on a constant quest for natural beauty. His passion for nature led him to live in Colorado for a few years, before coming to land at his permanent home in Northwest Washington State.

For the majority of Peter’s excursions into the wilderness and beaches of Washington, he is joined by his wife iMa and their 9 year old daughter Zaya. They are a family of adventurers who are willing to hike for miles, get up for sunrise, drive long and bumpy roads, all to get the opportunity to see, experience and photograph nature’s extreme beauty.

When at home, Peter and his family direct their passion for beauty into their landscaping, vegetable gardens, fruit orchard, commnunity gatherings and making music.


Peter James’ other businesses include full service eCommerce and Wordpress website design www.PeterJamesWebDesign.com, commercial photography www.PeterJamesPhoto.com, and stock photography www.NWStockPhotos.com.