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Introducing Peter James's 2020 Nature Photography Collection


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When I was shooting these photographs, there was no way I could know that I'd be releasing them amid a Stay-at-Home order for a global pandemic. But here we are, and I'm so honored to be able to share these rays of sunshine with you today. The primary purpose of my artwork is to help people connect with nature and enjoy its beauty even when, for whatever reason, they can't be outside. So today more the ever, I am delighted to help remind you just how exquisite this earth we live on really is, and to brighten your day in my unique way. 

I was very busy in 2019, exploring the far reaches of Washington State, and adding a lot of new subject matter that was not previously represented in my photography collection. This collection of 34 new pictures includes some of the hardest earned and most rewarding images of my career. 


I started the 2019 shooting season photographing Palouse Falls State Park in the Southeastern corner of Washington, and ended it in the Kettles Range of the Rocky Mountains, in the very Northeastern WA corner. I did several photo trips in the South Cascades Mountains adding more pictures of Mount Rainier to my photography collection, and including for the first time photos of Mount Adams and the peaks and wildflowers of the Goat Rocks Wilderness.


On two trips to Mt St Helens National Volcanic Monument totaling 10 days, it rained 8 of the days, which ended up being the perfect opportunity to explore some of the most epic waterfalls in Washington State which lie between Mt St Helens and the Columbia River. And while I didn't get any photos of St Helens for my fine art collection, I got to know the area well, and look forward to going back again this year. 


This collection also includes photos from Lopez Island in the San Juan's, Diablo Lake and Washington Pass in the North Cascades, and Washington Park near Anacortes.


I always strive to create images that are ultra-realistic and make you feel like you are really there. Especially now in this time of staying at home, being able to connect with nature is profoundly important for our sense of health and wellbeing. May you and your loved ones all be safe and healthy, and may these photos help you feel more alive, inspired, and connected with the incredible world we live in.


Peter James

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