Nature Photography for Hospitals, Clinics and Doctor's Offices

Soothe and Inspire Your Patients and Providers

The latest research shows ample evidence that viewing nature photography helps people of all ages to relax and feel happier. So why not make your hospital, clinic, doctor's office, dental practice, or other medical facility a more relaxing and happy place?

Your patients and providers will benefit from being surrounded by the most beautiful locations in Washington State, and because Peter James's metal prints last 3-4 times longer than framed photographs, and the beauty of nature never goes out of style, your acquisition of the artwork is a great long term investment. 

Clean and Sanitary

Because Metal Prints are completely waterproof and heatproof, they can be cleaned and sanitized with any product or process that your cleaning crew prefers to use in your medical facility. That certainly can't be said for other wall art like original paintings or art reproductions, nor for matted and framed photographs which are very sensitive to moisture and chemicals. Durable and beautiful, Metal Prints are also the cleanest and therefore healthiest choice for medical office art.

Mockups Make Selecting Art Easy

To make the decision making process easier Peter James will create mockups like the one below to help you visualize how his work will look in your hospital, doctor's office, or medical facility. Depending on your location, either Peter will come to the facility to take photos for the mockups, or you can email him photos that you take. He will mockup several images and size options for each wall, and deliver you a proposal that can be viewed on either a computer or a mobile phone. 

Sample Mockup: 

Location Tags

Wall tags with the name of the photo, it's location, and a map of Washington that also shows the location, will be provided with all orders, unless you would rather not have them. You'll find that the first question most people ask is where the photo was taken, and these tags make it easy to provide that information. 

Print Hanging Service

Peter James also offers complete installation service, and can provide secure installation for public spaces.

Call the gallery today to discuss photography for your space. (360) 733-9377

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