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Art for Sale - Bring the Beauty of Nature Indoors

The moments we spend in nature that take our breath away and make us feel alive are part of what makes life rich and wonderful. So why not bring that feeling into your daily life with nature photography Metal Prints for your walls? Sometimes finding high quality limited edition prints that speak to your personal tastes can be tricky though. That’s why our gallery has put Peter James’s diverse and enchanting collection of art for sale online, so that it’s easy to for you to find just the right images that make you want to buy art online.

Art for sale

If you are an art lover, you may go to craft fairs and festivals to final local art for sale. While Washington does have some amazing art fairs, you simply will not find the same selection and quality of art for sale at an art fair as you can by going to an artist’s gallery. Peter’s fine art gallery in the Fairhaven district of Bellingham, WA features over 50 local art pieces for sale, representing all the most beautiful areas of Washington State from it’s mountains to the rainforests, the ocean beaches and San Juan Islands all the way to the far corners of Eastern Washington.

Original art for sale near me

Studies keep proving that being in nature improves health and mental wellbeing. New research now shows that looking at realistic nature photos has the same positive health benefits as physically being in nature.  So if you’ve been asking yourself, “How can I find original art for sale near me?” then maybe you should consider limited edition nature photography from Peter James Photography Gallery. It can beautify your environment while helping your physical wellbeing at the same time.

In fact, we feel that the artwork on this website is among the very best fine art for sale online in the world today. Nature photography is also unique in how universal it is. Anyone, anywhere can enjoy it. A beautiful photo of Mount Rainer for sale or in a home will not offend anyone, while may types of art can be controversial or simply uninspiring. No one looks at a picture of a colorful sunset and says “yuck, I don’t want to look at that.” Nature is something we all relate to, because we have a primal and biological connection to it. Humans are part of nature after all. That said, everyone has their preference for what scenery and colors they like the most. For some it’s beaches, for others it mountains. Some love orange and some have an aversion to orange art. To help make it easy for you to find what will make you happiest, all of the art for sale on this website is organized by subject, as well as by color, and you can filter the entire limited edition art collection to see the combination of subjects and colors you most enjoy.

If you are looking for expensive art for sale, Peter’s jumbo prints may be just what you are looking for. With sizes up to 4 foot by 8 foot, you will be blown away by the detail and realism in all of Peter’s photographs. Jumbo prints are luxury art pieces to be sure, and you will invariably amaze your guests who see them. Looking at a jumbo Metal Print, you will truly feel like you are right there in the scene yourself. These incredible metal pieces make bold luxury art pieces for living rooms, bedrooms, and stairways, and they work especially well as large wall art for offices and corporate campuses.

Luxury fine expensive art for sale

While Peter’s collection is almost all nature landscapes, he also has wildlife photography, as well as abstract art for sale. He travels throughout Washington State hiking, backpacking, and exploring all of the far reaches of this unique natural wonderland. Washington is the epitome of the Pacific Northwest with its lush rainforests, dramatic mountains, and laid-back culture. Living in Bellingham, WA since 2002, and choosing to photograph Washington exclusively, Peter has gotten to know the state intimately. He photographs places well off the beaten path, and thus has images and artwork for sale unlike anyone has ever seen, as well as photographs of Washington State's beloved landmarks that are unique and extraordinary.

fine art for sale

The vibrant and beautiful Metal Prints for sale on this website are a refreshing change of pace from the canvas art for sale in so many other places. While canvas art prints have been very popular, partly because they are cheaper than framed photo prints, photos printed on canvas don’t look like photos anymore. They have flat finishes and the texture of the canvas kills any realism the photo may have had. They end up looking more like paintings. However, similar to canvas prints, Peter’s Metal Prints don’t need to be framed, which both saves you money, and allows the art to be bigger on the wall. They are both easy to hang, but the Metal Prints are much easier and safer to clean because they are 100% waterproof and can be washed with any cleaner. Some canvas art websites offer famous art for sale, but why not get something original that most people have never seen before and that is equally as beautiful? Unless you are trying to decorate your home in a certain vintage, we strongly suggest you explore the fine art limited edition photography on this website and reach out to us at the gallery if you have any questions.

Metal Wall Art of Incredible Locations

In 2012 Peter James saw his first photograph printed on metal, and he fell in love with the look of this new style of metal wall art. His friend had Metal Print of a dahlia blossom three feet tall on his wall and it was just astounding to him. The details were sharp and crisp, and the glossy surface made the flower look almost 3-D. As soon as he could, he started making his entire photo collection available for sale as Metal Prints, and since then he has made large metal wall art his signature style of art for sale online and in his gallery. The smallest size he offers for sale is two feet wide or tall, and the largest is 8 feet. His strikingly detailed and dynamic images and the rich colors they contain look simply incredible as Metal Prints.

Metal wall art for sale

His collectors responded very positively to the new large metal wall art he had for sale. One of his first collectors to buy Metal Prints bought a total of 24 prints to decorate all the walls of her newly remodeled real estate office in Bellingham, WA., and subsequently acquired several more for her other offices as well. The real estate industry is focused around selling the beauty of the local area, so grand metal photos of Mount Baker, Bellingham Bay, and so on, made the perfect personalized metal wall art for these offices. Other collectors used Peter's Metal Prints to fill large walls they didn’t know what to do with, and other replaced their outdated art with updated metal wall art big and small. The response to Peter offering his photos for sale on metal was a great confirmation that this new art medium was the right choice for his photo prints from here on out.

Some people love that the Metal Prints are waterproof and can be secured to the wall, making them ideal outdoor metal wall art. Now outdoor living spaces like patios, entryways, porches, and balconies call be beautified with the dynamic nature photography we have for sale as well. Some love that they can be hung in narrow wall spaces that other art doesn’t look good. For instance, a 30 x 60 inch vertical panorama photo only needs a three foot wide wall, yet it is a very large and impressive piece of metal wall art at a full 5 feet tall.

outdoor metal wall art
modern metal wall art

The Metal Prints work very well with almost any style of décor. Because they don’t need frames, they are simply large photographs, elegantly suspended ¾ inch off your walls. This makes them perfect modern metal wall art. But nature photography’s timeless elegance works just as well with traditional, eclectic, minimalist, or any combination of styles. Having Metal Prints in several rooms ties the style of the whole home or office together, putting nature at the center of your design and making beauty a part of your daily life.

Looking at Peter’s Metal Prints, one of the most common comments is that the photographs look so real that they make you feel like you are looking through a window. If you’ve ever taken a photo with your cell phone, as I’m sure you have, you know that it’s not easy to take photos that actually look like reality. Peter’s 30 years as a photographer and his dedication to his craft have lead him to develop techniques for creating truly realistic looking photographs. In contrast to all the abstract metal wall art out there that doesn’t tell a story and leaves you unsure what to think or how to feel, each of Peter’s photos are like taking a journey to a specific place and time, where all the elements have lined up to create an enchanting scene and a magical experience.

metal wall art on amazon style background

While some people may be tempted to look for cheap metal wall art for sale, and even shop for metal wall art on Amazon, you simply won’t find artwork of the same caliber there as is found on this website. Peter’s photography has been acclaimed as some of the freshest, most innovative, and most in-tune with nature artwork available. And, for every piece of metal wall art sold, Peter James makes a donation that plants 100 trees. So he’s constantly giving back to nature as he celebrates and shares her beauty.





Limited Edition Nature Art Prints for Sale

Despite what a huge difference having great art prints in your home makes, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of either leaving old artwork on your walls that you are not in love with anymore, or just leaving walls empty. A lot of times when you move, a wall will stay empty just because you don’t have anything that suits the space. Or maybe you just haven’t found a piece of artwork for sale that calls to you. That’s why we work so hard to make this website efficient for us to offer our metal wall art prints for sale online. And you can rest assured you will find the perfect fine art limited edition prints that you are looking for right here.

Nature art prints for sales
buy art online with confidence

Free Photo Mockup Service

for Wall Art Prints for Sale

See What it Looks Like on Your Wall

Peter James’s photography collection is sure to have many spectacular images for sale that will touch your soul, but how can you know which one, and what size, will look best on a particular wall? Try our free Photo Mockup Service. By sending us a photo of your wall with a piece of paper taped to the wall as a size reference, we can show you how our fine art prints for sale will look in your home or office. This is a breakthrough in buying art prints online, because you can actually see exactly how Peter’s fine art metal prints will look on your walls before you buy art online. It takes the guesswork out of buying art online, and ensures that you will love the photographs and the sizes you order. 

But what if you’re thinking, “I want to find fine art prints for sale near me” so you can get personal service and not have to pay shipping. Well, we go out of our way to provide the most personal service possible, even when selling art prints online, and we offer free shipping to everywhere in the lower 48 United States. We can also ship anywhere in the world and will provide the most competitive shipping rates available. We do a great job shipping our art prints cheap to international destinations. Prints up to 36 inches wide come in a double padded cardboard box. Our prints for sale up to 60 inches wide come in a crate of wood and triple wall cardboard, and jumbo wall prints are delivered FedEx freight in a solid wood crate.

buy art with free shipping
better than framed art prints for sale

Many websites offer framed art prints for sale, and even more have frameable prints for sale, but why have the frame at all? Frames just distract from the art and make the prints themselves smaller. They also direct money away from the artist who created the art that’s for sale. At our gallery we have experimented with offering framed art prints for sale next to Metal Prints and our collectors always gravitate to the Metal Prints, every time. There’s really no comparison between framed art prints and Peter’s metal wall art. Perhaps less interesting wall art needs a fancy frame to give it more gravitas on the wall, but Peter’s limited-edition fine art metal wall art leaves nothing to be desired. The images speak for themselves and need no embellishments or distraction.

Making art prints is what Peter James lives for. His adventures in the wilderness of Washington State always have a clear agenda of creating more fine art masterpieces to become wall art prints. Now, you are invited to join him is this celebration of nature’s amazing intelligence and beauty, and your life may never be the same.

Call the gallery today to discuss photography for your space. (360) 733-9377

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