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 - 20+ Foot Wide Triptych and 5 Panel Metal Prints

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Grand and glorious at sizes from 6 to 20+ feet wide, this oversized art brings a huge wow factor and the presence of nature to any room. Full scale triptychs and 5 panel prints of the stunning Pacific Northwest landscape make unforgettable large wall decor for homes, businesses, and public spaces. Peter James is the only photographer in Washington State who has mastered printing at this scale while maintaining ultra-high detail. 

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Multi Panel Print Sizes
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  • Can I see how it will fit on my wall?
    We provide a complementary mockup service for all oversized wall décor before you order it, to be sure it will fit your wall correctly. To do this you just need to send a photo of your wall, showing all the way to the ceiling, with a piece of printer paper taped to the center as a size reference, to We can show you different images and different sizes to help you decide which combination will be the most spectacular in your space.
  • What if the image I choose isn't the right shape for my wall?
    The Large As Life images are high enough resolution to be cropped to any shape that best fits your wall. The cropping will be different if you choose 3 or 5 panels. Common croppings can be seen on the photo detail pages by choosing a size from the size dropdown, but sizes and shapes are completely customizable. The exact way your image will be cropped will be shown in your mockups and can be adjusted to your preference.
  • Can I get any image on this site printed as a Multi Panel print?
    The Large As Life Collection images are special, ultra-high resolution images that Peter James uses advanced shooting and processing techniques to create in extraordinary detail. This incredible image quality allows them to look amazing printed up to 20 feet wide, and several of the images are large enough to be printed 30 feet wide. However, all images in Peter's Master Collection are high enough resolution to look great as triptychs (3 panels) from 6 to 8 feet wide, and images from his 2022 Collection forward look superb printed as triptychs or 5 panel prints up to 10 feet wide. Inquire for details.
  • What is the largest sized print I can get?
    All images in Peter James's Large As Life Collection are of the highest quality available and look great as big wall décor up to 20 feet wide. Several of his extra large nature photographs are of high enough resolution to print up to 30 feet wide. Please inquire if this level of oversized wall décor is desired.
  • How are these prints hung?
    Each panel in the triptych or 5 panel print is hung with 2 French cleats that the frame is mounted to. A video with detailed hanging instructions will be provided to make installation as simple as possible. Installation service can also be arranged.
  • Does there have to be space between the panels?
    The standard gap between the panels is 3/4" which is what we think looks best. You can also order your Large As Life wall décor with no gaps. Installation needs to be 100% precise with no gaps between the Metal Print panels, and therefore will take more time and attention to detail, and a seam will still be visible at close range.
  • I'm interested. What's the next step?
    Contact the Peter James Photography Gallery with any other questions, or to begin the planning and ordering process for your triptych or 5 panel large wall art, please send a photo of your wall, showing all the way to the ceiling, with a piece of printer paper taped to the center as a size reference, to (360) 733-9377
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