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Large Installations

Commercial and Public Nature Photography Installations

Bring the Outdoors Inside Your Business

Peter James’ nature photography is a beautiful addition to any business or public space. Medical offices, dental offices, banks, hotels, resorts, spas, and all other types of offices are dramatically enhanced by adding the striking beauty of nature.



Placement and Sizing Mockups

As a special service for anyone purchasing more than one of his prints, Peter James will create mockups like the ones below to help you visualize how his work will look in your space(s). Send in a good quality photograph of the room(s) you are decorating, and receive a digital representation of the images that you have selected, in the places you are considering them for. This makes it much easier to make final decisions on which images and what sizes will best fit your space(s).

Sample Mockups: 



Print Hanging

Peter James offers complementary photo print installation on orders over 3 images anywhere in Whatcom County.


Location Tags

Wall tags with the name of the photo's location, and a map of Washington that also shows the location, will be provided upon request.


Call the gallery today to discuss photography for your space. (360) 733-9377