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Large Pacific Northwest Nature Photography in Luxury Home Living Room

Choosing artwork for large walls in your home, office, or medical center presents both a challenge and opportunity. Most people think small and hang several small paintings or framed photographs on the large wall, which makes the wall look busy, and doesn't create any focal point in the room. Your eye doesn't know where to go, you don't really look at any of the art for long, and you're left feeling anxious and uninspired. 

Choosing one piece of large wall art like one of our Pacific Northwest Photography Metal Prints creates a powerful and soothing focal point for the room, where your eye will land and rest, helping you relax and feel invigorated and inspired. Your space feels less cluttered, and you get to enjoy the epic beauty of the Pacific Northwest photography prints at near-life size on a daily basis. 

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Large Pacific Northwest Wall Art for Offices and Corporate Campuses

Large Wall Art for Offices

Nothing transforms a dull workplace like extra large nature wall art! Whether it's for your home office or a multi-acre corporate campus, colorful large wall art prints will bring an incredible amount of life and energy into every workday, keeping employees happier, more productive, and more excited to come to work. 

Large paintings, abstract large wall art, framed large wall art, and inspirational posters dull in comparison to the sensational fine art Washington State nature photography that Peter James prints on huge sheets of recycled aluminum, and the high gloss finish makes the images look so real, they are like looking out a window. Make your staff feel honored and show them how much you value them by giving them large Pacific Northwest wall art to enjoy in their offices.

Large wall art for offices in the Pacific Northwest
Extra Large art for office

The world has changed since Covid, and so has the face of the workplace. With more physical distance many workers feel more isolated and alone, but large wall art nature prints create a sense of wellbeing and connectedness and help employees feel good about their work environment. Even an office with no windows the size of a closet can become an enjoyable environment with large wall art prints. Try them today and see the huge difference it will make! 

Pacific Northwest businesses are among the most innovative in the world, and their wall art should reflect that. Don't settle for boring, lifeless framed art, when the huge Metal Prints that Peter James creates are just the large wall art ideas that will make you stand out from your competition and show your love and support for Pacific Northwest businesses. From Seattle to Spokane, or anywhere around the world, no business is too large or too small for our large Pacific Northwest Photography. 

Large PNW Fine Art Prints for Home Office

PNW Photography for Doctor's Offices, Clinics, and Medical Centers

Large Wall Art for Medical Centers and Clinics

Let's face it, patients and providers in hospitals, dentist offices, medical centers, and clinics often feel stressed and anxious. Can extra large wall art actually help in relieving that anxiety and stress? Absolutely!  

More and more studies are proving that exposure to nature is an effective form of stress-reducing therapy. Extra-large nature photographs can fill huge, empty, sterile walls and halls making medical centers feel calm and inviting. Large Pacific Northwest nature wall art transforms the "clinical" feeling into a "healing" feeling. With huge sweeping views of mountains, rivers, forests, and lakes the journey to the doctor or the dentist can now become a journey into the thrilling Pacific Northwest wilderness in photography wall art prints. 

Large Wall Art for Hospital

Patients spend more time in your waiting room than anywhere else in the clinic. What will they remember about their experience? Large photo prints for walls can leave a lasting impression that they will share with their friends and family.

Modern large wall art
Large Wall Art for Medical Center

When you consider the cost of building and maintaining a modern medical facility, the relative cost of contemporary large wall art PNW landscape photography from Peter James is minuscule, yet it's the single most visible and memorable investment you make. Large wall art is the icing on the cake! 

Large Wall Art for Living Rooms

Large Pacific Northwest Landscape Wall Art for Living Rooms

When guests arrive what will be the first thing they notice? Will it be that large wall art abstract painting you still have from the 90s, or will it be an epically beautiful and huge Pacific Northwest rainforest photograph hanging above your couch? In interior design, the common mistake is to hang too many small pieces of art on one wall, making the wall look busy. A better interior design idea is to have one piece of oversized wall art on your biggest wall that will draw and captivate your attention. Peter James's large Pacific Northwest landscape photographs for living rooms make perfect centerpieces, acting as incredible conversation starters, and bringing the beauty of nature into your home, even when it's too dark to see outside. 

Many living rooms have vaulted ceilings with two-story high walls. How do you find large wall art ideas that will fill a space like that? Well, Peter's largest fine art wall art sizes, the 72-inch wall art prints and the 96-inch wall art prints are the perfect solutions! Consider hanging one of these very large wall art landscape photography prints vertically for an amazing effect. And to help you see how it will look, the gallery offers free photo mock-ups. See how the mock-ups work by clicking here

Pacific Northwest Photography for sale for living rooms

The Pacific Northwest is known for its glorious summers, but also for its grey and gloomy winters. Don't even consider choosing black and white large wall art when putting Peter's warm and colorful large nature wall art in your home is the perfect antidote to the Pacific Northwest winter blues. It reminds us why we love living here and helps us get through the dark, rainy winter days.

Two of the most common places for large wall art decor for living rooms are over a couch or above a fireplace. Some large wall art like canvases and paintings can't go over fireplaces because the heat will damage the artwork, but Peter James's Metal Prints are entirely heat resistant and waterproof, making them the perfect wall art for any large wall in your living room. 

Do you have a view of the ocean from your living room? If no, would you like one? If yes, then how about a view of Mount Rainier or your favorite mountain in Washington State? Peter's vast collection of Pacific Northwest nature photography prints has something for everyone, and they all look amazing printed very large. In fact, he has large wall art for sale in every color and every natural subject all across Washington State.

Pacific Northwest Photography for fireplaces
Large Pacific Northwest photography prints for livingrooms

It's quite common for people to mistakenly refer to Peter's wall art as paintings because it's actually quite rare to see photographs printed this big. Because the Metal Prints don't need a frame, and because Peter's images have such fine detail and great sharpness, these are some of the largest photography prints you can get anywhere. 

Large Washington State Wall Art for Bedrooms

What is the first thing you want to see when you wake up in the morning? And the last thing before going to bed? You'll be amazed by how much the large wall art in your bedroom will set an inspiring and soothing mood for your day, and help you fall into relaxation when you slip into bed at night. Wake up to a huge Olympic Coast beach photograph or go to bed under the large wall art of an epic Mount Rainier sunset. 

The largest Pacific Northwest photography size Peter James offers is a full 4 feet by 8 feet, and in a bedroom, over a king bed, it is incredibly impressive. The sample below of the Mount Rainier sunset photo for sale was chosen by a couple who struggle with the winter blues and longed to have more sunshine throughout the year. Having this colorful large wall art over their bed helps them both feel happier and more connected to nature even during the rainy Seattle winters. 

Large Oversized wall art for Bedroom over King or Queen Bed
Large Wall Art for Bedrooms

Queen mattress dimensions are 60" wide by 80" long, so one of Peter's 30" x 60" Pacific Northwest Metal Prints will match the width perfectly, as shown below with the stunning mountain lake reflection of Mount Adams. King mattress dimensions are 76" wide by 80" long, so the typical large wall art size chosen is the 40" x 80" Metal Print, shown here with the Olympic Coast beach photograph. California King mattresses are 72" by 84", so either the 30" x 60" or the 40"x80" work great for an 84-inch wall art space in the bedroom.

Large PNW Art Photography Prints for Over Bed
Pacific Northwest Wall Art For Bedrooms

If you are asking yourself, "What size of large wall art will look best over my bed?", then please learn about our free mockup service where you send us a photo of your wall, and we simulate what different large Pacific Northwest photos will look like in different sizes of wall art. Click here to watch video.

Whichever size Pacific Northwest photography print you choose, you are sure to transform your bedroom, improving your quality of life forever.

Large Wall Art for Luxury Homes

Extra Large Wall Art for Sale for Any Large Wall

Large wall art spaces have long been a challenge for homeowners and interior designers alike. Vaulted ceilings, stairways, dining room walls, and even patios can be real decorating challenges. Large paintings, large wall art on canvas, and metal sculptures are options, but often lack real impact and end up being space fillers. What subject looks the best very large? Pacific Northwest landscapes of course! Washington State landscape photography screams to be printed super huge. The gigantic vastness of Mount Rainier, the Olympic coastline, the Cascade Mountains, and all of Washington's wild areas look absolutely stunning as very large fine art Pacific Northwest Metal Prints 5 feet, 6 feet, or even 8 feet wide or tall.

Don't clutter up your walls with lots of little pieces of art.  Peter James has large Pacific Northwest landscape wall art for sale that will fill that same space with one impressive piece. It will give your home a cohesive and calm feeling, and your eye will naturally be drawn into the scenery, going on a journey and discovering new details of the large photograph each time you look at it. The Metal Prints also catch light in ways unlike other large wall art framed under glass, so as the light in your house changes throughout the day, the way the Pacific Northwest photography prints look also changes.

Large Pacific Northwest Wall Art Dining Room

Dining rooms are gathering places for friends and families, and are often used for entertaining. Should the artwork in the dining room also be entertaining and engaging? Or should it be soothing or inspiring? There are so many images to choose from in Peter James's collection of large wall art that you can meet any mood or intention you have. You can also sort his Pacific Northwest photography by color to find the image that will match your dining room perfectly. 

Pacific Northwest wall art for outdoor living spaces
Artwork for Large Wall in Pacific Northwest Dining Rooms or Kitchens

What about your patio? Most large wall art would be destroyed by wind and weather, but not large wall art Metal Prints. They are entirely waterproof and can be secured to your walls using French cleats and locking screws. So now your outdoor living space can be beautifully adorned with unique large wall art for sale from Peter James, and your patio life will never be the same. Imagine where in Washington State you'd like to go and let your large Pacific Northwest wall art nature prints take you there!


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