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Peter James has broken the barriers of photo print size limits with this collection of ultra-high-resolution images, available as 3 or 5 panel prints. Single prints are limited to 4 x 8 feet, but multi panel Large As Life prints can be printed up to 8 x 30 feet.

To create photographs with the extraordinary image quality and resolution necessary to be printed this large, Peter combines complex multi focus and multi shot image techniques while using the best lenses available on the super powered Canon R5. He further improves the clarity and sharpness with meticulous image editing techniques and fractal-based interpolation software.


To capture subjects equally grand in scale, Peter strategically plans trips to Washington’s most dramatic and beautiful locations at their peak seasons, and goes to extremes to create images with light, depth, and color that will leave you speechless.


Starting at 6 feet wide, these impressive images are fully customizable to fit any large wall, and like all Metal Prints, if cared for, they will last a lifetime.  A brilliant fit for large walls in any home, office, medical facility, or corporate campus, Peter’s Multi Panel prints truly bring nature indoors.

4 1/2 Minute Large As Life Video:

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