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2022 Collection Celebration Event

Join us to celebrate spring and the 2022 nature photography collection from Peter James!

Once a year, Peter James releases a new collection of vibrant nature photography that captures the essence of the dramatic beauty of Washington State. Each year, his work gets better, and this year it has also gotten much bigger. In addition to 26 new single images, he is also introducing 16 ultra high-resolution images that are printed as 3 or 5 panel prints from 6 feet up to 20 feet wide. These prints are magical to experience in person!

The event will also feature wine and appetizers, as well as a big screen slideshow of all 42 new images. If you haven’t been into the gallery recently, this is your perfect opportunity. If you have, why not bring your friends and share the beauty of our amazing area with them?

Contact the gallery with any questions , or browse Peter’s breathtaking work today at:

Learn more about the new Extra Large Wall Art Triptychs and Multi Panel Prints here:


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