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Become Serene and Focused: 7 Tips for Choosing Home Office Décor

Are you struggling to stay focused and calm in your home office? Check out these tips for choosing home office décor to help!

Look no further than remote working statistics for a snapshot into what a post-pandemic future will hold. By 2025, remote working will have doubled from its pre-COVID levels.

If you spend hours every week in your home office, you'll understand the value of a serene and focused environment.

Investing in some beautiful decor can help you create a space you'll love working from, so we're here to help. Here are our seven top tips for choosing the best decor for your home office.

sunset photography in home office

1. Embrace the Outdoors

Did you know that surrounding yourself with nature (and the great outdoors) is an effective way to destress and boost your mental health? And the good news is that you don't need an outdoor office to get the fantastic benefits of nature.

Why not choose beautiful colors for your art photography that remind you of nature and add green foliage in the form of plants?

2. Choose Calming Shades

Color psychologists believe that different colors in our environment impact our moods. You can apply color psychology to create a calming space in your home office that will give you that serene touch.

Gray and white provide a sense of balance, green will help you feel peaceful, and purple will boost your creativity. You can opt for art photography with colors that will help you create a perfectly productive and positive atmosphere.

nature landscape in home office

3. Create a Focal Point

If you've ever set your gaze on a beautiful work of art, you'll know the impact it can have on your focus and emotions. That power is ideal for a home office design.

Choose a supersized work of art with impact and set this as a focal point in your home office. It will always be there to admire when you need time to think or perhaps for a spark of inspiration.

4. Want Minimalism? Pick a Neutral Palette

If you are the type of person who loves minimal, spotless spaces for your work, then a neutral color scheme is the ideal choice. And you can make sure you pick decor to complement the colors you select for your furnishings.

Modern, abstract, and neutral-colored art photography will help your office get that avant-garde, minimal look you need.

Nature photography in home office

5. Try Geometric Prints

Geometric prints are fun, fashionable, and ultra-stylish. They'll help you turn your office into a room that you'll want to showcase on Instagram or Pinterest.

Geometric prints are also a fantastic excuse to add a splash of color into a room, a helpful tip if you're opting for monochrome furnishings and wall paint.

6. Tell a Story

An office might be a workplace, but it's also part of your life. And you don't have to stick to the latest trends to get a home office design that works for you.

Why not make it personal and let the space tell a story about your life through your choice of artwork. That doesn't mean you have to opt for portrait paintings; the right contemporary art always has a fascinating story to share!

7. Don't Forget Zoom

In the era of technology, backgrounds have never played such an important role! And if you have a plain wall behind you when on all those lengthy Zoom calls, you can use art photography to provide a statement or talking point.

Mountain landscape fine artwork in home office

Don't Forget About Your Home Office Decor

A comfortable chair might feature high on your list for a productive home office, but don't forget about the importance of a clean, tidy and beautiful environment. It truly can help you become productive!

Why not use this opportunity to find the perfect photography piece to take center stage in your office by browsing our collection now?


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