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Hanging Photo Wall Art: How to Avoid Common Mistakes

What mistakes should you avoid when hanging photo wall art in your home or office? Read this guide for tips on the best placement and methods.

Photo wall art can be a great addition to a room. It can add in touches of personality, color, and warmth. But only when hung in the right way.

If not, it has the potential to make a room look awkward or be distracting in a space. It's all about picking the perfect pictures and providing the perfect placement so your new art blends seamlessly into your home decor.

If you'd like to learn how to hang canvas art the right way, you've got to know what mistakes to avoid. This guide will take you through some of the most common mistakes people make when hanging photographic art and how you can make sure you don't make them in your home.

sunset photography hanging on wall above sofa

1. Choosing the Wrong Type of Art

Your home, your rules. Of course, you should be able to hang whatever kind of art you wish in your home. But there are certain types of photo canvas wall art that might be better suited to some rooms than others.

For example, landscape scenes can be nice in the hallway or living room but might look a little out of place in the bedroom. The colors you choose also matter. If you want to hang a photo in a particular room, think about whether the colors in the picture will complement the color scheme in the room.

multi panel nature wall art hanging in hallway

2. Mismatched Size or Scale

When you're hanging art in a space, it's not only the color or the scene depicted that you need to take into account. You should also be thinking about the scale of the room in relation to the size of the photo. If you've got a huge and expansive wall you don't want to put only a tiny photo in the middle as this will look out of place.

Try to fill up spaces as best as possible without overpowering or overcrowding them. If you've got a big surface area to work with a gallery wall can be a great idea.

River photography hanging in living room

3. Not Mapping Out Your Artwork First

Speaking of gallery walls, if you do want to add one to your home it's important to map out where you want to put every print before you begin to install any art hanging systems. Use painter's tape to represent the size and shape of different pieces of art so you can see how they will look in situ before you commit to a nail in your wall.

This is a good idea not only for a gallery wall but for any type of art you want to hang. This is a great way for you to gauge whether a piece of art is a good fit both size-wise and in terms of placement before you hang it for real.

Beautiful sunset wall art hanging in home

Add Beautiful Photo Wall Art to Your Home

With this guide, you needn't be afraid of making these common mistakes. Add the photo wall art you love to your home with confidence. Browse my full collection of photography art and create a more vibrant and beautiful space today.

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