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How to Choose the Right Nature Photography Wall Art for Your Business

Good quality nature photography can pull you into the scene. But choosing which nature photography wall art will be best for you depends on some surprising factors.

Color, quality, business type, format - a lot goes into choosing a picture. It's going to be the focal point of the room, so it has to be good. Don't worry, with our handy guide you can learn everything about choosing the best nature wall art for you and your business.

Wall Art for Business

What Kind of Business Do You Have?

Depending on the business you are running you may want different types of wall art. For instance, in a medical office, you may want photos that soothe your visitors. Patients can be stressed about their upcoming visit - it's a common phobia for many.

One of the reasons people may feel anxiety is the cold and sterile environment most patients are faced with. By spending a little time choosing medical wall art that is calming, your patients may be calmer as well. Think about scenes in nature that relax you - things such as waterfalls or forests.

For more tips on how to decorate your medical office, check out our article.

On the other hand, your business may be adventure-related. Perhaps you are a company that sells hiking gear or provides tours into the wild. This kind of business requires a more exciting photo that will make your customers want to buy.

Consider wildlife photos such as whales jumping from the water. Or mountains that seem to beckon to be explored. Anything that can make a potential customer say "I want to take a photo like that."

Finally, think about where the photo is going to be. If it's in a waiting room, then calming photos are generally good. If you're looking to distract your patients in a dental office, consider a somewhat distracting photo with several elements. This could be installed in the ceiling above the client so they have something less stressful to look at.

Nature Photography Wall Art Can Convey Different Emotions

We just discussed how different businesses may want to have different types of photos depending on the message they want to convey. But it's more than merely what the subject of the photo is.

It also comes down to the colors in the photo. Color theory and color psychology tell us that different colors can elicit different subconscious reactions. For instance, blue and green shades are more likely to bring a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Let's look at some other colors.

Red tends to stimulate and potentially excite the viewer. It's even associated with improving physical speed and force such as in athletic events.

Meanwhile, white can be associated with cleanliness and black with luxury or power. Grey is about subtlety and silver is generally associated with modernity and scientific progress.

Yellow can be a polarizing color. Generally, it can be associated with happiness or risk-taking. But under Feng Shui, it can be associated with disagreements and quarrels.

Think about the feeling you want your space to have. Then, choose your wall art home decor with this knowledge of colors in mind.

Quality of Wall Art Matters

It's important to choose good-quality artwork for your business. This doesn't just mean that the photo has to be taken well and be interesting - although this is important as well.

Rather, the way the photo is printed should be of good quality. If the image is grainy or distorted, you aren't going to convey the feeling you want your clients to have. In fact, they may question whether they should choose your business if you display poor quality wall art.

There are several things to consider when choosing which type of wall art you should choose. From sizing to format to materials, let's go over the options.


One mistake many people make is choosing wall art that is too small for the space. When wall art is too small it can be jarring and distracting, breaking up the natural flow of the room. Many companies offer to provide photo mock-ups free of charge, so you can see what size looks best in your space.


There are generally two types of format. There's the standard photo style you're likely used to seeing. But there are also panorama formats.

If you want to stand out and have a wide space to fill, a panorama could be an excellent option to choose.

If you'd like to purchase a print for your home, you can browse my full collection here.


When it comes to longevity, a metal print is generally the best way to go. With these, you don't have to worry about framing, glass glare, or easy damage. Other print formats can wrinkle or fade, and may not be able to give as vibrant of colors.

Other Quality Details

When the wall art you purchase is used as a focal point, it's a good idea to expect questions or recognition. It's best to choose something they're unlikely to have seen in another place. And it's nice to be able to point out if the print is signed and numbered.

What Else Should I Know?

Choosing the best nature photography wall art for you might seem a little more complicated now. There's a lot to think about! But there are photographers who already fit into your needs so you don't have to do more research.

Peter James Photography already has a fantastic array of high-quality photography available in a variety of sizes and formats. We use metal prints, so you're sure to have something that stays vibrant for all the years to come. Check out our full collection and be amazed!

Get Started With Business Office Decor Ideas

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