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How to Fill Large Wall Spaces

Are you wondering how to decorate large walls in your home or business? Are you struggling with what to do with a big empty wall?

Life-sized fine art photography prints showcasing the beauty of nature are a great place to start. Here are a few reasons to choose large format photography and insight into how to decorate large walls with the right-sized artwork for your space.

Mountain landscape five panel print in office

How to Fill Large Wall Spaces with Nature Photography

Although the question of what to do with a big empty wall is usually the initial motivation behind choosing wall artwork, large format photography does more than effectively fill space.

Nature photography prints leave a positive impression on viewers and add color and energy to living and working environments. This is even more so with large format photography, as the sheer magnitude alone creates an impressive focal point and powerful influence on the room. In almost any room with a large empty wall, you can't go wrong by adding large scale photography prints.

Sunset multi-panel photography in home

Large Format Photography that Aesthetically Fills Space

If you are looking for large format photography for sale, you might want to consider which type of nature print will best complement the style and function of the intended space. High-quality nature wall art is an excellent addition to empty wall spaces, whether it's a beach sunset scene, mountain landscape, or forest setting.

The absence of artificial coloring and objects makes each piece add a timeless aesthetic to any room in a home or work environment. Large scale photography prints fill the space and the atmosphere with light and raw beauty in a sophisticated way.

Large scale mountain landscape print in work place

Sizing of Large Scale Wall Art in Work or Living Spaces

Choosing the sizing for large-scale wall art for your home or office space can be daunting. It can be hard to imagine precisely how large art prints will fit into the space and complement other furnishing and design elements. For this reason, we offer a mock-up service so you can see exactly how to decorate large walls with photograph sizes and dimensions that work with your space.

The sizing and positioning of large scale wall art are important aspects to consider when styling empty wall spaces. You want to choose large scale wall art that draws attraction and doesn't get lost in the vastness of the wall itself. It should be big enough to hold the space well.

Multi-panel sunset photograph in living room

Peter James Photography offers a wide range of triptychs and five-panel prints. Every print of this Large as Life Collection is available up to 20 feet wide, with some images available up to 30 feet wide.

Click here for a look at the full large scale wall art collection.


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