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Spring Concert at the Gallery

Swing into Spring with a double-act upbeat-acoustic show at the Nature Photography Gallery! Entertain your ears and your eyes at this event which is happening as part of the Fairhaven Art Walk.

Spring Concert at Peter James Nature Photography Gallery

Robert T. McDonald III is a Pacific Northwest virtuosic solo acoustic guitarist whose instrumental compositions that are intricately-woven soundscapes of contemporary and traditional acoustic guitar. McDonald explores contemporary steel string techniques that combine alternate tunings, percussion, tapping, and slap harmonics with traditional old time finger picking, chord melodies and the polyphony of voices available to the guitar. Be ready for a musical odyssey!

Swing Set is a 3 piece string band that puts a lively twist on familiar swing tunes from the Twenties and Thirties. Sweet and smooth swing era hits with guitar, vocals, stand up bass, and jazz violin.

Appetizers and wine will be provided, and Peter James's new 2019 Collection will be available to view and order from.

See you there!

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