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The Ultimate Statement: Oversized Tripytch or Multi Panel Wall Art

It is a great feeling to walk into a room and stand in awe of what you see. Make the ultimate statement with oversized triptych or multi-panel wall art.

Are you someone who likes to blow people away when they walk into the room? You can make a great statement by placing awe-inspiring artwork on the wall.

Some people may be slightly impressed with a few nice pictures on the wall. But if you want to widen people's eyes, you need the unique visual impact of an oversized triptych or multi-panel wall art. These large and unique designs are almost certain to turn a few heads and add a major awe factor to a room.

Is this the type of statement you're looking to make? Read on to learn more about these types of art decor.

Sunset landscape in living area

Multi-Panel Wall Art Types

Multi-panel art can include triptych (three-panel-art work) or polyptych (multiple panels exceeding three). These types of art are often used to create a narrative by creating a sequence. This method can be used with drawings, paintings, photographs, etc.

Many artists love to experiment with different dimensional patterns when creating multi-paneled pieces. This can involve using different sized panels or emphasizing different focal points to create different patterns.

Forestry multi-panel photography in home

Benefits of Multi-Paneled Wall Art

This unique art form makes for an interest-sparking focal point in your home, waiting room, office, etc. Multi-paneled wall art has numerous benefits that make it an excellent wall decor. It can be a great indicator of your interests and personality, and it can add texture and dynamic to a room.

Multi-paneled wall art can also help fill up big wall spaces. If you have tons of wall space, it will take a lot of individual picture frames to cover it up. Having multi-paneled wall art can fill up some of that space in a way that looks appealing.

This guide can help you understand the basics of hanging multi-paneled works nicely.

Fine art multi-panel print in work place

Choosing Artworks for Your Space

Many factors decide what type of artwork to put on your wall. In almost any environment, you can't go wrong with genuine nature photography done by a professional.

Nature photography is known to be a stress reliever. If you need to create a sense of peace when relaxing at home, realistic nature pictures create a sense of nearness to the scenery. It also creates a sense of freedom and open space.

These benefits also make nature photography a great addition to a working office. The workspace will feel more free and vibrant with nice multi-paneled pictures of nature on the wall. This can reduce worker stress and help them become more productive.

Just make sure these photos come from a professional like Peter James. His images are so high-quality that they give a true feeling of connectedness to nature. These are the kinds of pictures you want gracing the walls of your home or office.

Multi-panel landscape photography scene from nature

Add Peter's Prints to Your Wall

Contact us today if you want to add fine multi-panel wall art to your home or workspace. Peter James puts careful work into creating fine art photography that showcases the genuine beauty of nature. Our metal prints of his work will make a beautiful addition to your wall.

Check out our Sizes & Pricing section to learn more.


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