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All of Peter’s images are printed on sheets of recycled aluminum that have a special coating consisting of a white backing layer behind a thin layer of clear polymer. The dyes are heat transferred into the surface at 700 degrees and are suspended in the polymer away from the white backing. So light travels through the dyes, reflects off the white backing, and then comes back through the dyes before coming to your eyes. This creates the sense of depth that makes the prints look almost 3D and helps them catch light and look like they glow.

In addition to being the best looking and most realistic photographic process, they are also the most environmentally friendly. The entire print is made of recycled materials, and it uses dyes instead of chemicals. And despite how durable they are if, heaven forbid, the print gets damaged, the entire print can be recycled, so there is no waste.


Metal Prints also last 4 times longer without fading than traditional photo paper prints, which protects the environment and your investment.  Instead of seeing color fading in 15-20 years with traditional photos, they won’t fade for 60-80 year when protected from sunlight. For areas in direct sun, we offer “Superlife Prints” which are rated for 5x the lifespan. And because all Metal Prints are waterproof and can be secured to the wall with a locking mechanism, many of our collectors hang them in outdoor living spaces as well.


Peter began producing Metal Prints in 2014 and has committed to them fully ever since due to their beauty, how eco-friendly they are, and how well they hold their value.

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