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A Flower In the Dark

A Flower In the Dark

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I had originally named this piece ‘Coming Of Age’. This young woman reminds me of my stepdaughter, who is now 14 years old. She has been coming of age during these especially strange and intense times. Her vulnerability has been mirrored by her strength. Gratefully there have been a lot of silver linings for our family and spending those two months last year with her at home was definitely one of them. She is a ‘Flower In The Dark’. Growing up during these wild times with her instincts attuned to always finding the light of the Sun. Her Spirit is grounded in the Earth, spending a lot of time in Nature. She is delicate, beautiful and quiet with a soft glow. I wish for all of the youth to find their roots and the guidance of their inner light. For them to keep glowing and growing in the dark.


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To give back to Mother Nature, 100 trees are planted in your honor for every image sold.

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