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fine art alpine mountain lake photography prints for sale

Alpine Lake Ann Twilight

The last light of the day reveals all the fine details of Mount Shuksan’s west face which is reflected in the alpine mountain lake artistically below.


Fine Art Mt Shuksan Alpine Lake Photography


I created this Mount Shuksan alpine lake photography print while backpacking at Lake Ann. By doing a 30-second exposure, my camera was able to take in the last light of dusk and give the surface of the alpine mountain lake an artistic blurred reflection while still allowing you to see the stones below the surface.


There are tens of thousands of alpine lakes in the Cascade Mountains and creating mountain lake wall art is truly enjoyable. I love how tall this vertical mountain lake photography print is. It emphasizes the incredible height of Mt Shuksan while pulling your eye deep down into the dreamy depths of the water.


Enchanting PNW Alpine Mountain Lake Wall Art for Home


Panoramic vertical mountain lake wall art fits in very unique places in your home. Tall walls or narrow wall art spaces can now be utilized to their fullest. And seeing this stunning alpine mountain lake photography print in your home every day will surly fill you with awe and wonder at the beauty of our natural world.

  • Vibrant Limited Edition Metal Mountain Art Prints

    Bring the majesty of the Washington State alpine mountain lakes into your home with Fine Art Mountain Metal Prints. Order your PNW mountain art prints online by selecting your size and clicking Add to Cart or call to order by phone (360) 733-9377.

Preview this wall art in your space. See how our Mockup Service works. Click here.

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