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Before Daybreak At Takhlakh Lake

Before Daybreak At Takhlakh Lake

Mount Adams towers above and reflects perfectly below in the first glow of morning at Takhlakh Lake, in Washington State's South Cascades range.


Fine Art Mountain Photography of Mount Adams


Deep in the South Cascade Mountains of Washington State lies a small lake surrounded by old growth forests, which lays just a few miles away from Mount Adams and makes for amazing mountain photography art prints. I captured this purple mountain majesty photograph at 5:39am just before the sun broke over the horizon, while the short wavelength blue and purple light bouncing around the atmosphere illuminated Mount Adams and its glaciers, the warmer tones of sunrise started flooding the left side of the scene in this large mountain art piece.


The stillness of the water was unbelievable as it reflected like a mirror, and the water being warmer than the air created the mist on the lake’s surface that strikes a glowing line down the center of this awe inspiring sunrise mountain photography print for sale only on this website and in our gallery. Maybe you’ve been to Mount Adams. Perhaps you’ve even climbed Mount Adams. But even if you’ve never laid eyes on Mount Adams, this Washington State mountain wall art speaks to the soul of all adventurers and nature lovers.


Cascade Mountain Wall Art for Home


Available in Metal Print sizes from 2 feet to 8 feet wide, this picture makes incredible large mountain art prints for any home. Imagine this mountain wall art hanging above your fireplace, beautifying your bedroom, or gracing your dining room. Wherever you hang it, it’s certain to get lots of comments and to be a mountain photography print you treasure for decades to come.

    Preview this wall art in your space. See how our Mockup Service works. Click here.

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