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Point of the Arches fine art beach photography prints for sale

Footprints at Point of Arches

Footsteps fade into the distance as they wrap around the Point of Arches in this panoramic photograph.


Beach Photography that Expands The Horizon


Fine art beach photography of the Olympic Wilderness Coast may be one of my very favorite landscape photography subjects, and the Point of the Arches is truly a Pacific Northwest nature photographer’s paradise. I was backpacking alone on this beach photography trip which added to the magic and the adventure. However, three of the four days it rained or was overcast which put a damper on my hopes for creating wilderness beach photography art. But the one day that the grey Pacific Northwest skies opened up, I went wild and made the most of every beach photography opportunity.


Point of the Arches is at the south end of Shi Shi beach, which is a 2-mile-long sandy beach, itself 2 miles from the trailhead. The point is the end of the journey for most visitors, but at low tide you can walk around to the south side of the Point of the Arches where the fine art beach photography for sale on this page was taken. The rocky reef brought the powerful Pacific Ocean to a perfect standstill, giving me the opportunity to capture the reflection of Point of the Arches on the water, while still letting you see down into the water. The single set of footprints in the sand were my own, and quite shortly I retraced them, because if I didn’t get back around the point before the tide came in, I would have been stuck there for many, many hours waiting for the next low tide. And it’s a good thing I did get back, because I had more Olympic Coast beach photography art to make!


Limited Edition Beach Photography Artwork for Home


This fine art beach photography print makes incredible wall art for any room in your house. It's bright blue sky and calm, clear water is sure to make you feel happy! Why not bring the beauty of one of the world's most incredible beaches into your daily life with this Pacific Ocean sea stack and footprints in the sand photography print?

  • Point of the Arches Fine Art Photography for Sale

    Bring the beauty of Point of the Arches beach photography to your door with Fine Art Metal Prints by Peter James. Order online by selecting your size and clicking Add to Cart, or call (360) 733-9377.

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