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Palouse Falls Rainbow Plummet
  • Palouse Falls Rainbow Plummet

    A vibrant rainbow forms as an amazing volume of water flows over the nearly 200-foot drop of Palouse Falls in this southern Washington State photo.


    Waterfall Photography that Captures Power & Tranquility


    There are really two approaches to creating great fine art waterfall photography, using long exposures to make the flowing falls look smooth and silky, or using a very fast shutter speed to stop the motion of the water entirely. Most casually taken waterfall pictures are in the middle somewhere and the water is blurred but not smooth. As a Pacific Northwest landscape photographer, I much more commonly use the long exposure method to create smooth and dreamy waterfall art in my forest nature photography for sale, but this sunny day at Palouse Falls State Park was the perfect day to stop the motion with a 1/2500th of a second exposure when capturing this fine art rainbow waterfall wall art print.


    Palouse Falls sits at the head of a deep canyon carved by ice age floods in South Eastern Washington and has been designated as the official state waterfall of Washington State.


    Waterfall Wall Art for Stairways, Tall or Narrow Spaces


    Add color and action to any vertical wall art location in your home. Unlike waterfall canvas wall art prints, these Pacific Northwest waterfall Metal Prints look stunningly lifelike. Savor the beauty of nature every day and feel your spirit soar!

    • Artwork for Home in Limited Edition Vibrant Metal

      Add a splash of color to the artwork for your home with Fine Art Metal Prints. Order Pacific Northwest waterfall art prints online by selecting your size and clicking Add to Cart, or call (360) 733-9377.

    Preview this wall art in your space. See how our Mockup Service works. Click here.

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