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Reflecting Pool in Misty Forest

Magical reflecting pool in the Sol Duc valley, Olympic National Park, Washington State. 


Fine Art Forest Photography Comes Alive on Vibrant Metal Prints


This panoramic rainforest photography wall art is pure magic and it’s made even more special by how rare this moment was. I’ve been to this place several other times when there was no pool there at all. But it had rained the entire day before this which is why all the moss is so vibrant and green, why the reflecting pool was full this day, and also why the forest was filled with mist in this exceptionally unique rainforest art piece.


What’s more, this was a clear sunny day, and the terrain sloping away let the light shine thought the treetops in the upper part of this rainforest photograph, creating the bright glow coming through the trees. My deep love for trees and forests is part of why I make a donation that plants 100 trees for every Metal Print I sell, and why I aim to be one of the very best contemporary forest photography artists.


Small or Large, Forest Wall Art Enhances Any Décor


There is a deep sense of peace and tranquility that comes from looking at fine art forest wall art like this. You almost feel like you could dive right into this pool and come out in another world. Now imagine having a portal like this in your bedroom, living room, or dining room. Available in a variety of sizes all the way up to 8 feet wide, this rain forest wall art print will transform your home in the very best of ways.

Panorama Format Metal Print Size
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