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fine art lake and river photography prints for sale
  • Reflection Lake Inlet At Daybreak

    Pink spiraea flowers bloom along the winding inlet to this lake in Mount Rainier National Park, while the sun bursts through the trees making mist on the lake glow.


    Lake & River Photography - From Sunrise to Sunset


    Mount Rainier National Park is a natural wonderland and treasure to all, especially fine art photographers. But while the park is abundant with locations for creating Pacific Northwest fine art photography, many of the best locations are not obvious.


    I captured this lake photography wall art at one of the Reflection Lakes. That morning I started at the biggest of the lakes, which is right by the parking lot, and got two of my nicest limited edition Mount Rainier wildflower and lake photography prints in my collection. Please see my Mount Rainier Photography category under Browse Photography for those. Satisfied with what I captured there, I looked down the road and saw lots of steam rising up from the next lake over and decided to make a quick location change. As I did, I passed a handful of other fine art nature photographers standing on the road taking similar Mount Rainier photography to what I already captured, only without the wildflowers in the foreground. While they seemed content to take the same mountain lake picture over and over, I was inspired to create something unique.


    When I got to the second lake, I was the only person, let alone fine art photographer, there. I carefully followed a tiny footpath around the lake and found this perfect location to create river and lake photography. I got set up just as the sun broke through the trees and illuminated the mist on the lake and made the wildflowers in the foreground glow in this lovely wall art print. I love taking unique pictures of lakes, and unusual river pictures like this.


    Invite Nature Indoors with Lake and River Wall Art for Home


    Lake and river photography wall art prints bring a sense of peace and wonder into homes. This limited edition fine art photography print may be the perfect lake picture for you, and if not please explore the rest of this fine art photography website!   

    • Limited Edition Fine Art Photography Metal Prints

      Enjoy nature’s beauty every day with fine art photography prints. Order online by selecting your size and clicking Add to Cart, or call (360) 733-9377.

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