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Silky Sunset at Fidalgo Head

Silky Sunset at Fidalgo Head

Long exposure photography of waves crashing at sunset makes the water look silky as the sunset colors reflect off the rocks. Taken in Washington Park near Anacortes.


Fine Art Island Photography - The Coastline and Beyond  


At the end of a beautiful day in September my daughter and I went down to Washington Park near Anacortes, right by the San Juan ferry, and I was lucky enough to get this unforgettable Fidalago island photography wall art print. The rocky coast spread out in both directions but for some reason I was attracted to this deep crack in the rocks where the waves were crashing in and out of the island's rocky coast.


I stood straddling the crack, with tripod legs on either side, for over an hour because I knew this had the potential to be some of my best islands photography yet. By doing long exposure photography I was able to create the silky effect of the water, while capturing the glistening details of the sunset on the rocks, and the golden sky fading to pink. Lopez Island and other San Juan Islands can be seen at the horizon of this epic island photograph.


Coastal and Nautical Wall Art Will Bring the Shore to Your Door


It's rare to find vertical nautical wall art, and this Metal Print is exceptionally unique because of its colors, it’s striking composition, and its panoramic format. It fits perfectly on narrow walls, in hallways, and in powder rooms, and it makes incredible large nautical wall art, as big as 8 feet tall.

  • Limited Edition Vibrant Metal Coastal Art Prints

    See the sea every day with coastal art photography prints. Order online by selecting your size and clicking Add to Cart, or call (360) 733-9377.

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