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Soothing Spencer Spit Sunrise
  • Soothing Spencer Spit Sunrise

    The glowing light of morning illuminates the beach and boats of Spencer Spit State Park on Lopez Island in this San Juan Island beach photography art.


    Fine Art Beach Photography with Moored Sailboats


    In 2019 I took multiple fine art photography trips to Lopez Island and was simply enchanted by the island’s culture and natural beauty, especially the stunning San Juan Island beach scenes. The people of Lopez Island are all incredibly friendly. Everyone waves at everyone they see, and the cashier at the grocery store struck up a conversation (maybe getting a bit more personal than she needed to). But for this fine art nature photographer, what really got me excited was the beach photography art opportunities.


    Of all the San Juan Islands, Lopez Island has the most publicly accessible beaches and coastline of them all. Famous among them are peculiarly named beaches Shark Reef, Watmough Bay, and Iceberg Point, as well as many other amazing beach photography art locations. But we chose to set up camp in Spencer Spit State Park, so I had the best chances to create sunrise beach photography wall art prints there. A spit is a land mass extending into the sea formed of sediment, like rocks or sand, that are washed there over time by waves hitting the beach at an angle. They project out into the sea with beaches on both sides, and often create protected bays. Spencer Spit is actually two sand spits coming from opposite directions forming a lagoon in the center. It has mooring buoys on both sides and is a safe haven for boats to spend the night, making it a perfect San Juan nautical beach photography location.


    Limited Edition Photography Artwork of Lopez Island


    I created this fine art beach photography print on the very last morning of our last trip, and it’s my favorite photo I took on Lopez Island all summer. The sun was hidden behind a large bank of clouds covering the North Cascade Mountains, so I was able to capture the warm golden glow of the approaching daylight as it gradually overtook the cool blues and purples of night. This enchanting Pacific Northwest fine art beach photography print is an especially good addition to dining rooms and bathrooms but would add warmth and intrigue wherever you hang it.

    • San Juan's Lopez Island Fine Art Beach Photography

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