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Upper Falls At Dawn

Upper Falls At Dawn

The early morning light casts a golden glow over this intricate, multi-tier Southern Washington waterfall photograph.


Waterfall Photography that Captures Power & Tranquility


The waterfalls of the Northwest are legendary for their stunning beauty, and none so much as the ones along the Lewis River. While it’s irresistible to take waterfall pictures when you come here, getting the best angles and the best timing for fine art waterfall photography prints can be tricky. I was up before dawn to be able to get to these falls and capture them in the warm morning light, before the sun hit the falls directly, and I had to wade through about 25 feet of the shallow portion of the falls to get to this angle.


From this viewpoint of the waterfall, the perspective shows many layers of the falls receding back into the distance, making this waterfall wall art fascinating to look at and explore. And unlike waterfall wall art black and whites, the warm and inviting colors of this PNW waterfall photography print makes you feel happy and uplifted.


Panoramic Oversized Waterfall Wall Art


The wide panorama format of this Pacific Northwest waterfall print makes it a perfect fit for wide wall art spaces like hallways or dining rooms, and for tight spots like over a fireplace or a headboard. All large format photography for sale from our Washington State photography gallery comes signed and numbered with limited editions of only 100 prints of each PNW waterfall photography print.

  • Artwork for Home in Limited Edition Vibrant Metal

    Add a splash of color to the artwork for your home with Fine Art Metal Prints. Order Pacific Northwest waterfall photography prints online by selecting your size and clicking Add to Cart, or call (360) 733-9377.

Preview this wall art in your space. See how our Mockup Service works. Click here.

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