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Water Droplets On Wildflowers

Vibrant pink wildflowers covered in water droplets at Sauk Mountain in Skagit County, WA.


Vibrant Pacific Northwest Wildflower Photography


High in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, wildflowers bloom in abundance starting mid-July and some varieties continue blooming all the way into September. But August is the peak bloom season and hands down the best time for Pacific Northwest mountain wildflower photography. This Skagit County wall art print captures the essence of Washington State’s rugged landscapes, steep mountains, and exquisite beauty.


I was fortunate to have this spectacular mountain wildflower photography moment open up after over an hour of hiking in a thick grey cloud. But when the cloud receded, it left these delicate pink fireweed wildflowers coated with dew drops perfect for wildflower landscape photography. The remnants of the cloud hung far below me and clung to the evergreens on the steep cliffs below. The ambient moisture also hovered beyond the far mountains creating sunbeams in the upper left corner of this panoramic PNW wildflower wall décor.


Wildflower Prints That Will Inspire the Soul


As a Pacific Northwest photographer, I live for moments like this. Truly stunning Washington State scenery bathed in beautiful light, high on a mountain, high on life. Hanging this wildflower wall art print in your home will bring you right there with me every day. That’s the magic of these incredibly realistic fine art Metal Prints, they transport you into these Pacific Northwest mountain wildflower photographs, where you can stay for as long as you like.

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