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Where Water Flows

Where Water Flows

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This Earthly Queen represents the aspect of Mother Nature that is the divine genius of the incredible relatioship between water and all terrestrial life on Earth. May she serve as an inspiration and a reminder that we have the power to play with this aspect by simply planting seeds.


When you plant trees and plants, you are planting water. Water and vegetation grow together in mysterious and magnificent ways. Yes, trees and plants need water – their lives depend on it – they ‘use it’ to grow. But in the brilliance of Mother Nature’s extreme and constant reciprocity, trees and plants also channel water – both through their roots and through their leaves. They drink in and exhale and percolate. They slow the rain down on their endless leaves so that it can be absorbed by the land and guided into streams. They create and attract clouds. They purify. They receive and they give. And this creates the freshwater cycle. The cycling of water on the macro and micro levels. Trees and plants relationship with water is vital to all living terrestrial creatures – including humans.


To give back to Mother Nature, 100 trees are planted in your honor for every image sold.


All images are printed as luxury fine art Metal Prints. Metal Prints are the most stunning printing format available because of the enhanced luminosity and dimensionality that shines through this high tech printing process. And while gorgeous, Metal Prints are also the most practical format because they are light weight, durable, extremely color stable and environmentally friendly.

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