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Peter James has chosen to photograph only Washington State for the last 20 years. With its diverse landscapes and vast wilderness, one could easily spend a lifetime hiking and backpacking here and never see it all.

While most professional photographers travel the world going to photo “hotspots” to take photos that hundreds of people have taken before, Peter would rather become more and more intimate with this incredible state while creating unique artwork that rivals anything that’s ever been created. As a husband and a father, he also prioritizes staying close to home, spending time with his wife and daughter, and taking them along with him whenever he can.


Peter James has also made the creative choice to exclude manmade objects from his photographs. You won’t see cities, barns, or bridges in any of his photos, however he does make an exception for boats. Growing up, sailing on small lakes was one of his favorite ways of getting out in nature, and the aesthetics of the nautical life are entirely surrounded by nature. But most of his photographs are taken from deep in the Washingtonian wilderness and feature pure nature in its untouched and perfect form, calling out to that part of us which is deeply connected to the natural world. What are the landscapes that speak directly to your soul?

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