If you need artwork for a very large wall then you probably realize how hard it can be to find high quality extra large wall art. The easy solution is to buy a number of separate pieces of fine art. But that usually make the wall look busy and does not take advantage of the opportunity your extremely large wall presents. The brand new triptych and five panel Metal Prints that Peter James has just released are a grand and extremely impressive option. 

Peter James's gallery now offers single fine art nature photographs in sizes up to an astounding 20 feet wide by 8 feet tall. Each panel is its own high definition photograph, shot on Canon's highest resolution camera, the EOS R5. Available in either 3 or 5 panels and both horizontal and vertical format, these are the most immersive and technically excellent photographs available today.

huge triptych photo print

Extra Large Fine Art Prints for Businesses and Public Spaces

Whether your in tech, admin, advertising, or any other business, extra large wall art can add the exhilarating feeling of being in nature to your workspace that will boost productivity, calm stressed workers, wow your clients, and increase the value of your office to all of your stakeholders. The incredible size and clarity of these massive landscape photographs is hard to believe. They are so realistic, they truly give you the feeling of looking out a huge window. And the view is alway colorful, warm, and peak beauty, all year round. 


Huge Fine Art for Luxury Homes

What makes your incredible home even more unique and remarkable? Fine art on a scale, and with a level of beauty, that's available nowhere else. The extra large wall art Multi Panel Metal Prints that Peter James expertly produces are in a league entirely of their own.


Your guests will be blown away walking into a sunlit rainforest in your entryway, or being showered by a life-size waterfall in your living room, or seeing a breathtaking island coast in your dining room. Or you can enjoy your own private ocean beach sunset in your bedroom and have rich, warm colors to make you feel happy when you wake up and as you're going to sleep. 

With the incredible beauty of nature coming to life in your home in high definition these stunning extra large wall art prints, decorating a large home has never been more thrilling! Call the gallery today for a personal consultation (360) 733-9377

Stairwell Wall #2 v3-6.jpg

Mockups and Proposals

When buying extra large fine art, you need to know that what you are getting will fit your extra large wall exactly. That's why we provide a photo mockup service where we take a photo of your wall and simulate exactly what the various sizes and images will look like. Below is an example of extra large artwork for a corporate office:

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