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Your office art sends a clear message to your staff and your customers. Therefore, buying professional office wall art may be one of the simplest ways make a major improvement to you workers’ morale and your audience’s image of you. Whether you need large corporate office art, home office art, or medical artwork, the stunning nature photography of Peter James is a incredible addition to any workplace.

Office Wall Art in Breakroom

Inspiring Nature Office Wall Art

Modern office décor runs the gamut from cliché motivational office artwork posters to fine art abstract paintings, but studies show that what really helps reduce stress levels at work and increase productivity is exposure to nature. And while taking long walks in the park or watching beach sunsets don’t generally fit into most people’s workday, Peter’s wall art Metal Prints look so realistic that it feels like you are actually at the beach or on the trail yourself. These special wall art prints are made of sheets of recycled aluminum with a gel-like coating in which the dyes are suspended. They catch light in a way that makes them seem to glow and almost look 3D. And, his office and medical art prints are available in sizes up to 8 feet wide, so you can have a real to life nature experience just by looking at your medical and office art prints.   

Choosing Wall Art for Your Business

Unlike any other place you can buy office art online, we will help you plan your commercial wall art selections with our Photo Mockup Service. Peter can visit your office or medical center to take pictures, or you can email pictures of the walls you need office artwork for. Then we will photoshop a variety of image options into your space at different sizes so you can see exactly how your new professional office wall art will look. When planning a large corporate or medical art installation, this service is incredibly valuable. Learn more about the Office Art Mockup Service by clicking here.

Selecting Medical Office Wall Art

Let us help plan the wall art for your office or medical facility. Learn about our free business artwork planning service. Click here. 

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