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Sizes and Pricing

All metal prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity which is signed and numbered by Peter James. These limited edition metal print runs are limited to 100 prints per image. 


Northwest Nature Photography Metal Prints


Pacific Northwest Metal Prints  Custom sizes are also available.


See how the Metal Prints looks at different sizes



The 40x60 - $1,600

Landscape photography at this size becomes completely immersive. You feel like you are there, and that you could reach in to the photograph and touch the subject. These prints are ideal for living room centerpieces, office lobbies, or even for bold bedrooms. 40x60 Metal Prints completely transform a space, adding drama, beauty and impact to every day life.





The 30x45 - $900

Landscape photography at this size is very powerful. The richness and majesty of nature’s beauty glows through the metal print surface and brings rooms to life. 30x45 makes for an impressive vertical image, and it works great horizontally as well. 

Olympic Peninsula Landscape Photo




The 24x36 - $500

This metal print size holds it’s own on a large wall , or it can beautifully fill a smaller wall. It is an elegant way to add fine art photography to any room.





The 16x24 - $250

This is a great size for bringing the beauty of nature photography into a small space like a bathroom, or a smaller wall.





Panoramic Metal Prints - A slice of nature in any space 



The 8 foot x 4 foot Panorama - $3,600

A single large metal print works perfectly to fill large walls in homes, business and public buildings. The photographs are so vibrant and lifelike, you feel you could step into them. Measuring a full 96x48 inches, they bring an up-close view of the Pacific Northwest into any room. Please contact us to order. 

oversized photograph fine art metal print 



The 30x60 Panorama - $1,400

This impressive wide format works great for a variety of spaces: over desks or seating, in hallways, kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, conference rooms and more. The 60" width is the same width as a queen bed or a standard piano. 





The 24x48 Panorama - $850

You’d be surprised how many places this unique and striking panoramic photographic format fits. Above a bathtub, in a kitchen, above a reception desk, or in a dental office. 




The 18x36 Panorama - $400

This mid-sized panorama brings a rich burst of color into areas that might otherwise be empty. If you look around, I bet you'll see an empty or under utilized wall just waiting for one of these. 





The 12x24 Panorama - $200

This size panoramic metal print is versatile enough to go anywhere. It's big enough to hold it's own on a wall, and is a great value at this price. 



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