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Fine Art Photography Prints for Sale

It’s hard to say which I enjoy more, exploring the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest creating fine art landscape photography, or helping to transform my clients’ homes and offices into breathtaking nature sanctuaries. Obviously being in nature is a huge calling for me and I treasure the adventure and firsthand visceral experience of witnessing Mother Nature’s grandeur with all my senses. But, the real reward for me comes when I see the impact that my artwork has in the homes and the lives of my clients. It’s like someone who loves cooking getting to watch someone else light up as they eat what you’ve prepared. Sharing my creations is what makes me feel most satisfied as a fine art photographer.  

Fine Art Photography Print for Sale
fine art photography gallery

If you visit my gallery in the Historic Fairhaven District of Bellingham, WA, you’ll see how much we enjoy offering these fine art landscape photography prints for sale. Our Pacific Northwest nature photography gallery features over fifty of my large Metal Prints in sizes ranging from 2 feet up to 8 feet wide. Many of our visitors say they’ve never seen such large fine art photography prints for sale either in art galleries or on photography websites. That’s one of my favorite things about the fine art Metal Prints, because they aren’t framed prints, they can be much larger in the same wall art space. They are also much lighter and easier to hang than framed prints for sale from other art galleries.

What really matters in the end is, whether you are sitting in your living room, or your office, or your bathtub, that you feel connected with the extreme beauty of nature. That’s what drives me to create and offer my photography prints for sale, to help people enjoy the great outdoors, even when they are indoors. It’s also why I only offer the ultra-realistic and incredibly colorful photography Metal Prints, and not canvas prints, acrylic prints, or even black and white photography. I believe that if you want to experience fine art photography the printing needs to be the most lifelike medium possible, and people are always saying that the prints in our gallery look so realistic, it looks like you are right there in person, or are looking right out a window at the magnificent subject.

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Fine Art Photography - Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photographer

I started doing landscape photography in 1989 when I was just 14 years old and have been a serious fine art nature photographer ever since. Back then I was shooting black and white film and doing all my own developing and printing. My dad was an engineer are GM he had an outlet for his creative side as an amateur nature landscape photographer. He taught me all the basics of composition, black and white film development, and fine art photography printing. His niche was doing photo silkscreen prints, and I remember my family going to craft fairs and art galleries where he would sometimes have art prints for sale.

I decided early that I would make selling photography my career, partly because being a fine art photographer sounded like more fun than being an automotive engineer, but also because I love people and wanted a personal connection with those who I was creating for. You see, I also inherited my mom’s social side and I knew I’d never be happy in a career where I interacted with the same people all the time. I wanted to someday own my own art photography gallery, where I could meet new people every day, talk with them about nature and art, and offer my photography prints for sale to them in a way that truly enhanced their lives.

fine art photographer Peter James in Washington State
fine art photography gallery in the Pacific Northwest

However, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to get to the point where I could have my own gallery. There are a lot of other people out there who would love to make a living as a professional nature photographer, so I would just have to really hone my photography skills and develop my own unique photography print style, but also develop my business skills and develop my relationship and credit with a bank. In 1997 I graduated from the 3rd ranked fine art photography school in the nation, Lansing Community College, with an excellent photographic education and no debt. That gave me the freedom to start my own photo studio right away and I spent the next 15-20 years doing a wide range of professional photography to pay the bills and learn about business and marketing, all while working on my fine art nature photography skills and style. At last, in 2018 my plans came to fruition, and I opened the Peter James Photography Gallery in Fairhaven’s Orca Building.

Limited Edition, High-Quality Fine Art Prints

My current collection of limited edition fine art prints are all nature photographs taken across Washington State from 2012 until now. My approach to fine art PNW landscape photography is to systematically explore all the landscapes, forests, and seascapes of the diverse wilderness areas of this incredible state, aiming to discover and document the most beautiful places at the peak times to show them in their absolute glory.

In my 30+ years as a fine art nature photographer, I’ve developed sophisticated techniques for capturing vibrant landscape photography and producing high-quality prints for sale that look incredibly vivid and realistic, which is the only thing I believe does Mother Nature justice. When I’m out shooting, I do my best to quiet my thoughts and become aligned and intertwined with the mind of nature, and from that space, create true masterpieces in collaboration with nature herself.

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All of the art prints for sale in my gallery are limited edition Metal Prints, also known as Chromaluxe prints, which are made of recycled aluminum with a special coating that the dyes are infused into. The Chromaluxe prints deliver an unbelievable level of image clarity and depth and are also entirely waterproof, heatproof, and chemical and abrasion resistant. You will be amazed by the luminance and depth of these high quality prints. For the best dynamic range, I highly recommend the high-gloss surface which comes standard, but we do also offer a Satin Finish upon request for locations that require no reflection. These thin fine art photography prints come with an ¾ inch inset metal float mount frame that suspends the print away from the wall making it seem to float beautifully away from the wall.

Not only are Chromaluxe Metal Prints the most beautiful gallery-quality prints available but they are also the most eco-friendly. The aluminum is recycled and recyclable, and the color technology uses dyes not chemicals like traditional fine art paper prints. And whereas photographic paper prints fade in 15-20 years and end up in landfills, these are 3-4 times more color stable, so it’s likely to be 50-80 years before you see significant color fading. And, for every print I sell, I make a donation that plants 100 trees, which fully offsets the environmental impact of the manufacturing, printing, and shipping of all of my photography prints.  

chromaluxe metal prints

Another similar looking fine art print type is the Lumachrome acrylic print. Some nature landscape photographers swear by Lumachrome, but it makes no sense to me to use a big piece of plastic to celebrate nature. The Chromaluxe prints are every bit as stunning as fine art Lumachrome acrylic photography prints, without creating more plastic, and while using highly recyclable materials.

fine art photography print over fireplace

Each of my limited edition prints for sale is restricted to 100 prints total in any size, and I don’t pad that number by offering “artist’s proofs”. Each print comes with a hand signed Certificate of Authenticity. When ordering your fine art prints online, you will receive your Certificate of Authenticity enclosed in a personal thank you letter sent from our gallery, and the photo print will come directly from the photo lab.

Photographic Prints - Purchase, Sizing, Shipping and Handling

We want to make purchasing photography art on this website as simple for you as possible while also ensuring that you’ll get the perfect picture for your space. We’ve done our best to illustrate the photography print sizing by showing each print size in an appropriate wall art space on our Sizes & Pricing page. Even better, we can show you exactly how those print sizes will look on your actual walls! This is called our Photo Mockup Service and we highly recommend it for anyone ordering larger photography prints from our website.

help choosing fine art photography for sale
sensational fine art photography prints

The Photo Mockups are helpful for any sized art prints but are especially helpful when trying to visualize what our Jumbo Prints will look like. Jumbo Prints are art prints in sizes six feet wide or larger. At this size, the photography looks more like real life than wall art. And, like all of the artwork for sale on this website, they include free shipping to any address in the lower 48 United States. These huge photography prints will be delivered to your home in a wooden crate by FedEx Freight, which is essentially a semi-truck. Get ready for some seriously impressive large format fine art!

All landscape photography prints five feet wide or smaller will be delivered for free via UPS or FedEx, and all fine art print orders will be delivered within 14 to 21 business days of placing your order, if not sooner.  Our website is equipped to accept all types of credit cards as well as PayPal. Please contact me to arrange other payment methods such as bank transfers.

Hanging the artwork is quite simple and we have a detailed instruction video for how to hang any sized photography wall art using either the hook and wire method or French Cleats. Click here for hanging video.

photography wall art for sale

I would like to personally thank you for your intention to beautify your life with the rich and wonderful photography art on my website. As a dedicated and passionate PNW fine art photographer, sharing beauty is my duty, and it’s through co-creating with people like you that I get to bring this splendor into the world. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you have about my photographic prints, or to request assistance choosing the perfect art for your home or office.

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