Peter James Photography Gallery offers 3 Jumbo Sized prints. Jumbo prints are any photograph 6 feet wide or larger. These incredible Metal Prints have to be delivered by FedEx Freight, aka a semi truck. This shipping is still free to the lower 48 US states. They come in a sturdy wooden crate and are remarkably easy to hang with the French Cleats provided. Simply attach the cleats to your wall, then place the print on the cleats. 

Metal wall art of this size is simply incredible to behold. They are so lifelike, you'll feel like you could walk right into the photograph. These luxury photo prints transform any space, and make stunning additions to living rooms, bedrooms, conference rooms, reception areas, dining areas and more. 

The 4 ft x 8 ft - Panorama Format

A single jumbo sized Metal Print works perfectly to fill large walls in homes, businesses and public buildings. These landscape photographs are so vibrant and lifelike, you feel like you could step into them. Measuring a full 48 x 96 inches, they bring an up-close view of Pacific Northwest nature into your space. Many of the Standard Format images are also available as 4 x 8, although they have to be cropped to the panorama shape. 


Because of the image quality requirements, not all of Peter James' images are available as 4 x 8s. Filter by "Available 4 x 8 ft" on the Browse Photography page.

The 4 ft x 6 ft - Standard Format

Landscape photography at this size becomes completely immersive. You feel like you are there, and that you could reach into the photograph and touch the subject. These prints are ideal for living room centerpieces, office lobbies, or even for bedrooms. 48x72 Metal Prints completely transform a space, adding drama, beauty and impact to every day life.

The 40 x 80 - Panorama Format

Make a bold statement in your home by bringing stunning scenery inside, seemingly at life size. This magnificent size represents the beauty of the Northwest in all it's glory, and will provide you and your guests with endless inspiration. 

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