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Nature Photography Wall Art

At Peter James Photography, we are passionate about capturing the raw and breathtaking beauty of different facets of fine art in nature. Focusing exclusively on natural landscape photography in Washington state, our goal is to share unique and one-of-a-kind photographed pieces, bringing the positive energy of mother nature into your living and working spaces. 


We often don't get the time to explore the wilderness as genuinely as we would like, adventuring to new places and connecting on a deeper level with our living planet. This is unfortunate as there are so many benefits that come from being surrounded by nature. Why not bring nature's positive energy and beauty into your everyday life through high-quality photography wall art?

Fine Art Photography Print for Sale

What to Consider When Buying Wall Art 

If you are looking to buy wall art prints for home decor, you've come to the right place. We offer a range of unframed nature photography prints and exclusive offers to suit your needs. There are some things to consider before investing in fine art photography pieces.

The Elements Incorporated in Art Prints

The size of the wall art is essential as if it is too big, it might be overwhelming and unsettling to viewers. However, any nature photography print shouldn't be so small that it goes unnoticed. Along with the size and space allocation for the art print, the color scheme is also an important element. As with any form of interior and wall decor, one needs to consider how well it suits its environment. The color scheme and theme of the art print you choose should complement furnishings and other room details. The sunny and warm hues popular in Peter James Photography prints can bring lively energy into a neutral-toned room. 


Ask yourself what kind of mood you would like to create in the room. A color scheme has a direct impact on an individual's perspective and feeling about a place. When taking these considerations into account, you'll feel more confident of which wall art print is best suited for the home or office space it's intended for. At Peter James Photography, we not only aim to add color and inspiration to your daily life, but we also want you to continue to love your landscape photography prints for years to come. 

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Wall Art Designed for Your Space

We realize the importance of time and consideration that goes into choosing the perfect wall art piece for your space, so all viewers obtain maximum aesthetic benefit from it. We are not only in the business of curating stunning photographic prints to be sold, but we also want each piece to be a perfect accessory for the space it's in. This is why we want to help you in selecting the artwork that is right for you. We offer a free mock-up service for all prospective clients. This will enable you to know exactly how the dimensions, measurements, theme, and colors of the photographic print you're interested in will fit into your home or business environment. 

Types of Nature Photography Wall Art

Whether you prefer a green forest piece, rocky mountain scene, sunrise landscape, or a field of tulips or cherry blossoms, all our photographic prints are high-quality to make viewers feel they are there. Peter James chooses to explore nature off the beaten track, bringing you the raw beauty of the world you likely haven't seen before.


When clients approach us unsure of what landscape print they're looking for, we encourage them to browse through our collections and see what appeals to them. Our nature photography fine art print collections are arranged by category, color scheme, or image orientation on our website. Some of the fine art nature collections we offer include beaches, mountains, lakes and rivers, and wildflowers. 

Trees and Forests

There are so many beautiful and unique trees and forests to be photographed in Washington state. With plenty of rich green forests and national parks. Forests are often seen as dark places, so they can be tricky to photograph at particular times. As a nature photographer passionate about capturing rich colors and clarity in his images, Peter James has mastered the technique of capturing images that allow viewers to see the detail and depth of trees and forests.


Mountains and Wildflowers

When you look at a map of Washington state, there are masses of green areas. These primarily represent national parks and mountain ranges famous for their lush vegetation and exquisite wildflowers. From North to south, the state is known and loved for the iconic Mountain ranges, including the Cascade Range, Olympic Mountains, and even some of the Rocky Mountains. In this collection, Peter James captures the fine art of nature seen in the world around us in a unique and dramatic style, captivating viewers.


This range includes various dynamic and stunning beach settings in Washington state, either captured close-up or from a distance. Peter James has finesse attention to detail, and his fine art landscape photographs emphasize the use of natural lighting to capture and enhance the colorful elements of nature. This aspect of his style is particularly evident in his beach photography, where he uses his unique skill to photograph the reflection of the sky in the still water or on the wet sand.


The fine art nature photography categories we offer are not limited to these. Please check out the browse photography page on our website to learn more about our fine art print collections. 

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The Benefits of Natural Wall Art


It has been proven that these days people are spending more time at home or working indoors. Therefore, dedicating less time exploring the outdoors and enjoying nature. Life can be so busy that we often forget to slow down and enjoy the natural beauty around us. Washington state is filled with so many splendid beaches, magnificent waterfalls, fields of wildflowers, and vibrant forests. So much to see and not enough time, so why not bring fine art landscapes into your living or working space? 

Aesthetic Enjoyment in your Home or Place of Work

Hanging a colorful and interesting piece of art in your home enhances the atmosphere of any room. We see all aspects of life in color in the natural and artificial world; there is so much pleasure to be gained by a stunning landscape as home decor. The technology of fine art photography and printing available today allows us to enjoy the enchantment and inspiring wonders of natural elements in our home and work lives.  


We realize the value and beauty of spending time in nature, which is why we recommend choosing to add landscape photography prints to your daily life. We aim to draw hope and inspiration in individuals by adding positivity and color to their lives through sharing our fine art photography.

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Psychological and Physical Well-being

sensational fine art photography prints

In society, today the effects of nature on the psychological and physical well-being of individuals are overwhelming. Spending time outdoors, even if one is not engaging in exercise, is a natural remedy to improving one's mood, general outlook on life, and managing the challenges of daily life. Studies show that being in nature can release endorphins in the body and mind making one feel energized and motivated. 


Investing time connecting with the natural wildlife, viewing scenic landscapes, and engaging in outdoor activities significantly impacts psychological and physical wellness. Often individuals find they can be more productive after allowing time to rest and restore in nature, whether visiting a national park or watching a sunrise in a beautiful location. Incorporating Nature photography wall art in your home or workspace is an important contribution to your overall feeling of well-being, particularly when spending lots of time inside.

Why Chose to Buy Wall Art Prints from Us

You might be wondering why Peter James nature photography is the best choice for buying wall art as decor in a living room, workspace, or business. Not only are we passionate about bringing the beauty of nature through fine art photography to your home, but we also focus on preserving nature and reducing our environmental impact. 

Eco-friendly Fine Art Photography Prints

As a nature photographer capturing and sharing the beauty of the world around us is just as important as making an effort to preserve it. We are part of the Trillion Trees campaign; 10% of all local travel costs go towards planting trees, and for every piece of art sold, we donate one hundred trees. Another reason we prefer only to capture Washington state landscapes because it allows us to reduce the carbon footprint of travel. When you purchase any wall art print with us, you can have peace of mind knowing that you've made an environmentally conscious and timeless investment. 


The printing technique we specialize in for our fine art prints also has less environmental impact than other canvas print options. We use natural colors rather than dyes which are better for the environment, and the photographic prints on recycled metal last longer than photographs.

Unique High-Quality Metal Printing

We want all viewers to feel captivated by the reality of nature, which is why we don't do canvas prints. Metal printing allows the vivid colors of the dyes to be enhanced by natural light that passes through the gel layer and recycled aluminum on a white backing. This photographic print technique enhances the three-dimensional and realistic appeal of nature wall art and is often referred to as the oil paintings of the photography world. 


Another advantage to metal art prints is that they are waterproof and unframed, so there is no need to waste money and space on glass and framing. An unframed art piece as wall decor appears more close-up and captivating to its viewers, and appreciation is given to nature's unfiltered beauty in an unrestricted setting.


We bring some of the most beautiful natural scenes from Washington state to your home living room or office and offer free delivery service for our limited edition fine art prints. If you'd like to check out our range of landscape photography prints, you have the option to visit our nature photography gallery in Bellingham or take a virtual tour of our wall art print selection on our website. 

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