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Stunning Office Wall Art by Photographer Peter James

When clients walk through your door and are greeted by huge photographs of Washington State’s most beautiful places, it exudes an air of success, and makes your company look extremely polished. When the first thing they see is cheap office wall art with no local significance, that sends a message too.  As your employees sit at their desks, do their surroundings inspire them, or do they make them wish they were somewhere else?

The quality of your office wall art has a bigger impact on your business than you may realize and could be a fantastic opportunity to up-level your company’s performance and reputation.

Unique Office Wall Art

The natural beauty of Washington State is one of the main reasons people choose to live here, so bringing that beauty into your business environment can consciously or unconsciously motivate people to choose to work with you, or for you. This makes Peter James’ stunning landscapes excellent office wall art ideas for entryways, conference rooms, cubicles, and break rooms. They are like adding windows into the great outdoors, anywhere where you have a wall.

Corporate Office Wall Art

Executive Office Wall Art

Your top-level team work hard and need inspiration on a daily basis. These key players in your company are constantly making important decisions that effect everyone down the line. They also handle a lot of stress and need the kind of relief that comes from a nice day in nature. Reward them with executive wall art that matches the level of performance you expect from them.

Team Workspace Wall Art

Imagine if every cubicle in your office could have a window looking out at beautiful scenery. The peace your employees would feel and the feeling of connection to nature would go a long way to helping them feel happy to be at their desks and motivated to do their bests. The classic office wall art quotes and motivational posters may get read a few times, but then loose their impact, whereas vibrant nature scenery has a timeless beauty that never gets old.

office wall art for workspaces
Home office wall art

Home Office Wall Art

With more and more people working from home, suddenly home office wall art matters more than ever. Peter James’ limited edition photography prints bring a professional touch to a home office that doesn’t come from mass marketed art like office wall art on Amazon or other large retailers. This extraordinary and unique Pacific Northwest scenery brings the moments so many of us live for into our daily lives, and make going to your home office feel like taking a trip in the great outdoors.

Nature Photography Promotes Stress Reduction

Professional office wall art can also go a long way to reducing stress. More and more studies show that time spent in nature is one of the most potent natural stress reduction practices. New studies are also proving that just looking at realistic photographs have the same physiological effect in the brain and on the body. The realistic part is important, and that makes Peter James’s dynamic photography Metal Prints far superior to office wall art canvas prints which look more like paintings to the brain. This article goes into detail able how the right office wall art can lower stress levels at work. Click here to read article "Just Looking at Photos of Nature Could Be Enough to Lower Your Work Stress Levels". 

office wall art video

Limited Edition Nature Photography Metal Prints as Office Art

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of boring office art out there. Outdated abstract art, cliché motivational office artwork posters, office artwork canvases that look straight from the 90s, and worse. This is all very understandable though, because for too long these were the only real options available. Yes, you could track down a local photographer, look through thousands of unorganized images, buy prints and have them framed. But who has time for all that when choosing office art? And how can you know how it’s going to look when all is said and done?

Office Art at the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

But now there's a better option. Our gallery works with offices, big and small, all the time so we know how to make it easy for you to procure office art prints, while producing brilliant results. We provide full-service with onsite visits to evaluate opportunities, our Photo Mockup Service to help you choose the best sizes and images, and full installation service as well. Peter’s collection of over 170 breathtaking images is conveniently organized by subject, color, orientation (vertical or horizontal) and format (standard or panorama). This makes finding the perfect individual image, or groups of images that create office artwork themes efficient. We deliver our mockups and formal proposals via dedicated webpages where you can view the entire office art plan on your computer or mobile device.

Our clients with multiple offices enjoy creating office art themes - like the Mount Rainier branch, or the Olympic Peninsula office. This works especially well on corporate campuses, where the many buildings could blur together without a clear visual distinction in the artwork for each. Each building becomes it’s own ecosystem and yet, the broader theme of Washington State Nature Metal Prints ties everything together creating a feeling of unity throughout the campus. The vast array of subject matter, colors, and compositions to choose from, all bearing his easily recognized artistic style, make Peter James’ Metal Prints ideal corporate office artwork.

Corporate campus wall art

In large office buildings and corporate campuses, there are invariably walls that require very large art. You can’t put a bunch of medium sized pieces of art on a big wall without the wall becoming busy and lacking a focal point. Peter’s largest sized print is a full 4 foot by 8 foot wide. These magnificent photographs look incredible in entryways, stairwells, large conference rooms, and even courtyards. Seeing towering forests, massive mountains, and breathtaking beaches stretching out before you at this grand size creates a feeling that no other corporate artwork can. It’s a bold statement to make for any corporation that cares about Washington, it’s natural wonders, and the people who choose to call this beautiful place home.

And on the smaller side, there’s a real need for home office artwork with enough excitement and life to transform a spare bedroom or large closet into a high-power productivity zone. More people than ever are working from home. Whether they are a entrepreneurs or people maintaining their corporate careers, working remotely has never been more common. Unfortunately, the traditional framed office art isn’t usually the best fit in a home office environment. Framed art makes the image itself smaller and putting it behind glass creates more glare that’s hard to see the image through. In a small home office, maximizing the wall space is a must. Peter’s outstanding Metal Prints make brilliant modern office art for home offices, and they look just  as nice in the living room and bedroom too.  

Home office art prints

Artwork for Offices that Speaks to the Heart and Inspires the Soul

Nature photography is undoubtably the most universal form of art, making it the perfect artwork for offices. Everyone can relate to the beauty of a sunset, the peaceful feeling in a forest, or the warmth of a sunny beach. Using epic nature photography as artwork for professional offices alters the environment considerably. The space goes from feeling strictly like a workspace, to feeling like a life-affirming work and wellness space. Workplace satisfaction goes up and stress goes down. Large, realistic photos touch people on a deep subconscious level the way no other corporate office artwork can.

Artwork for offices

Peter James’ artwork is a deep and intimate look into Washington States wilderness and all it has to offer. Because his entire collection is limited to just this one state, his images go far beyond the standard photos you see over and over. Yes, he has photos of Mount Rainier at Reflection Lake, and other photography hot spots around the state, but he also photographs a huge range of unique locations and creates compositions that brilliantly brake all the rules of traditional photography. His strength as a photographer lies in his ability to become aligned with the mind of nature, letting his intuition guide him to discover details most never notice, and to communicate the often-untold story of the nature that lies in our backyard. From the wild recesses of the remote wilderness, to popular bays in the San Juan Islands, Peter’s work makes some of the most inspirational office art available.

Because the Metal Prints are waterproof and scratch resistant, they don’t need to be framed under glass. Instead a ¾ inch frame is inset on the back, giving you an edge to edge image and floating the print out away from the wall. The high gloss surface gives the images a sense of depth and luminance that make the scenery look lifelike, so you can really feel and connect with the wonder of the scenery. They are the epitome of modern office art, yet they work with a wide variety of office décor. Unlike office artwork canvas prints which are less versatile and look less like photographs at all.

The extraordinary and even mystical nature of many photos in Peter’s collection are so uplifting and inspiring, that more and more people are choosing them as artwork for home offices in the region, and around the country. With coronavirus keeping so many working from home, the benefits of having quality art in home offices is now an important part of staying positive, and on track. Even if you don’t leave home every day, these ultra-realistic photographs give you the sense of travel and adventure, right from your home office chair. They also make amazing backgrounds for your Zoom calls, brightening the mood of your video conferences and taking your professional appearance up a notch.

Artwork for office lobby
Artwork for corportate offices and corporate campus art

So if you are ready to improve how everyone in your office feels on a daily basis, please send a message to the gallery below to request a phone meeting or on-site consultation for your office art prints. We will make the process simple and efficient as we suggest office artwork themes. Or feel free to Browse Peter’s collection and send us the names of the photos you are interested in. You will be amazed at the tremendous difference this outstanding office artwork will make.

Call the gallery today to discuss photography for your space. (360) 733-9377

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