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4 Types of Nature Photography to Excite the Adventurer in You

Do you love the outdoors, but can't get out in it enough? Check out the types of nature photography that will satisfy the adventurer in you.

Experts estimated that in 2021, the number of photos taken would reach 1.4 trillion, and it's only set to increase in 2022.

Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, there will be a time when you get a bit of "writer's block" when it comes to your creativity. But how do you get out of that slump? Is it possible to just wait it out?

We suggest going in a different direction. Find the adventurer in you and branch out into some nature photography. Keep reading to see the many ways you can become a nature photographer.

nature photography mountain landscape

Finding Your Style

The great thing about photography is that there is something for everyone. Photos invoke our emotions in a way that nothing else can. We can capture a moment in time and enjoy it for a lifetime.

But what is your style of nature photography? Getting outdoors is the first step, and it's exciting! Spend some time planning the photos you want to capture and make a day of it. Then, take your camera and a few fellow photographers and go on a nature photography adventure:

1. Sunset Photography

Sunsets have been mesmerizing us since the dawn of time. Their beauty can be breathtaking on some days, painting the sky with blues, purples, oranges, and yellows. Research sunset times in your area to know when to grab your gear and head out.

2. Storm Photography

Storm photography might just be up your alley if you're an excitement fanatic. If you play your cards right and understand the workings of your camera like the back of your hand, you can capture some striking storm photography. Have a particular image you like? Then have it blown up to hang on your wall for everyone to enjoy.

sunset photography fine art print

3. Forest Photography

If you love nature, a forest Photo walk could be fun for you and a few friends. Forests offer the nature photographer a wide array of photo opportunities: get some close-up shots or back up and get a wide-angle of the whole forest.

Getting low can also create an impact so don't be afraid to move around. You can even include some flower photography on the same walk!

4. Waterfall Photography

This type of nature photography might take the most planning, but the photos you can gain from the adventure are worth it. This is the time to get creative with long exposures to get that smooth, flowing water effect. The "rule of thirds" can ideally apply to this photography subject.

waterfall photography fine art print

Find the Adventurer in You

If you're just getting into photography or are an old hat, it's never too late to try a new subject to shoot once in a while. Consider if you're a portrait photographer; getting out and shooting in nature and natural light can offer a fresh challenge. And if you're just an adventurer who loves nature, this might be the genre for you.

But if capturing beautiful images is only something you can dream of, you don't have to miss out on breathtaking fine art photography for your home. If you're in Bellingham, visit our gallery or browse my complete Fine Art Nature Photography collection online.

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