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5 Office Decor Ideas Using Landscape Photography

Decorating your office with tasteful nature and landscape photography can help with mood and productivity. These ideas will inspire you.

Are you looking to spruce up your office with some tasteful artwork? Have you considered landscape photography?

Landscapes have always been a popular choice for office wall decor. They can help you temporarily escape and provide a calm place for your mind. Nature views can help ease depression and declutter your mind.

There's no question that decorating with tasteful landscape photos will uplift the spirits of your employees and clients. Yet how do you incorporate them into your interior design scheme?

Here are some of our favorite landscape photography office decoration tips.

Wall Art for Business office space

1. Create A Focus

A serene beach or mountain scene can really change the look and feel of your office. However, you'll want to draw the eyes to the photo.

One way to do this is to hang mirrors or build neutral-colored shelves around the art. This will create a space of decorative focus while keeping the landscape central.

2. Consider Size

Some artwork is designed to be displayed without a frame. In these cases, you may want to choose a large print that can fill a wall on its own. A spot where the light streams in during the late afternoon can really create a splendid effect.

Wildflowers, islands, and waterfalls can really serve to bring the outside in. Landscapes can lower your blood pressure and increase pleasant feelings. It can also help everyone to become more centered and productive.

nature wall art hanging in business waiting room

3. Hang in A Row

Smaller landscape photos can be placed next to one another vertically or horizontally. You can align them along the edges even if they aren't all the same size.

Before you begin drilling, make sure you arrange your photos on the floor first. You'll want to be comfortable with the design and the way it feels before you commit to it.

4. Remain Neutral

If you're displaying a particularly colorful piece, hanging it close to neutral furniture can make it pop. Yet your overall office design will remain pure and classy.

For example, maybe your office includes desks and chairs in a soft pine color. Hang your art near a window to create a colorful corner and a subdued countryside feel.

Wall art for office hallway

5. Go Off The Wall

Believe it or not, artwork no longer needs to be displayed on your wall. If you've got smaller landscape pieces, you can display them on floating wall shelves.

These shelves give your office a touch of class and whimsy. You can complement the landscapes with plants and small but meaningful sculpture pieces.

The key with floating shelves is that less is more. Don't fill your office with them. Instead, have a wall dedicated to the shelves that help them make a statement.

Displaying Landscape Photography

The right landscape photography can bring a great deal of joy to your workspace. With the right planning and display, your office could be a work of art in no time.

Don't stop getting smart about your office art now. For brilliant landscape pieces in stunning color, contact us today.

Landscape artwork in office space

Get Started With Wall Art Decor Ideas For Your Office

Be sure to take a look at our free mockup service to see what a photo will look like in your business or home office!

Check out our full collection of amazing nature photography here:


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