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How to Get the Best Nature Photography

The wonders of nature are infinite. I've been capturing the most beautiful places in Washington State since 1989. You can read more about my style and focus here.

This post will inspire those who love nature and want to enjoy that beauty in the pictures they take. I have expeditions available for the serious budding nature photographer, but here are some ideas that anyone can use to capture the best nature photographs.

You can capture a moment of magic through nature photography. Whether it's a photograph of a nesting bird or a river flowing past your feet, a snapshot of the natural world is bound to bring you peace.

As long as you have a camera, you have the ability to wander outside to take photos. But it's best to learn and practice proper photography techniques to get the most out of your nature photography.

Below is a guide on improving your nature photography, including some top professional tips!

Practice Patience and Intention

Most beautiful nature photography shots weren't taken in the blink of an eye. While you could get lucky with a spontaneous snapshot, practice patience and intention as you improve your photography skills.

Take time planning your shot- everything from the sun's position to the placement of the trees. Use a tripod in your setup to avoid blur. Stay still to wait for the perfect moment of a fleeting bird or bursting sunray.

If you're unhappy with your result, keep in mind your time wasn't wasted. Practicing the discipline of patience has a significant positive impact on your photography practice.

hall with wall art
nature photographer

Get Creative With Natural Effects

Unfortunately, many new photographers view nature landscape photography as boring. It's quite the opposite.

Train your mind to notice stimulating effects created naturally through the Earth's elements. For example, a photographer may create mirrored effects with water or framing effects with trees.

Explore the playfulness of natural light photography while using shadows and natural highlights. You can always sharpen effects in post-production.

nature photography sunset

Try Out Different Lenses

Don't get so caught up in having the best camera for nature photography that you forget the lenses. Experimenting with different lenses is a chunk of the fun!

Invest in a microlens for close-up shots of your favorite flowers, feathers, and small insects. Use the lens to capture intricate details and textures.

Use a wide-angle lens to expand your frame. These lenses are perfect for capturing sunsets, ocean scenes, and mountain ranges.

Don't forget to use your legs too! Walk closer to an object for a few shots and then back up to get the bigger picture. You'll notice different things as you switch up where you're standing.

Improving Your Nature Photography

It takes a special eye to capture the beauty of the land. Make the most of your nature photography by using the tips mentioned above.

Search for moments of natural effects to add dimension and uniqueness to your shots. Experiment with different lenses, and don't forget your tripod. Your tripod will help you slow down and become more intentional about your practice.

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Another Way to Get the Best Nature Photography

While the tips above are sure to help, another way (shameless plug alert) you can adorn your home or office with the beauty of nature is to purchase photography from my gallery. I've sought out some of the most beautiful locations in Washington and captured their beauty for you.

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Find Nature Photography For Your Home or Business

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