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Sharing beauty is my duty.

Connection to nature is at the core of humanity. Modern civilization has separated us from nature, and it's time to bring nature back into our daily lives. 

The goal of my nature photography is to help you feel happier every day, to feel connected to the incredible beauty of this planet we share, and to be reminded how much we all have to be grateful for.  

The beauty of Northwest nature is medicine to the soul.

Because I currently only photograph Washington State, I'm constantly discovering new places and creating fresh images that have never been seen before. Around the world, there are photo hot-spots with rows of photographers all taking the same picture, while I'm out there finding photos that are just as beautiful, that speak to the heart, and inspire the soul, and are 100% unique. With Mother Nature herself as my guide and inspiration, I follow my heart and hope to touch yours. 

- Peter James, Washington State Nature Photographer


As a boy

Peter James Klco (pronounced Kelso) was raised with the dramatic seasons and abundant lakes of northern Michigan. Since he can remember, he was playing in the water and the forests, with no desire ever to come inside.

His parents took him and his three sisters camping along the Great Lakes frequently, and when at home, climbing trees and exploring fields and forests in his neighborhood filled his free time.  

Trees Are Awesome

From his love for nature, comes Peter James' desire to help restore it. In addition to planting trees for every photo he sells, Peter co-founded a global tree planting campaign with his wife iMa, called Trees Are Awesome. The concept is to inspire the world to side-step the political and economic resistance to taking action toward solving major global challenges (water, food, refugees, wildlife, climate change, etc) by offering the simple solution of restoring the degraded lands of the world through tree planting. By supporting existing tree planting non-profits, we as individuals can do what governments and industry are not.

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