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Natural Beauty: 9 Tips for Buying Nature Photography

Are you thinking of adding purchasing some beautiful nature photography? If so, ensure you make the right choices by checking out these tips.

Are you ready to start filling those empty walls with art? Nature photography is an art that can fit in almost anywhere. It looks good in your home, in the office, or in other professional settings.

It can put you at ease, amuse you, or visually wow you with the beauty of nature and this planet. And it is also an investment in a piece of artwork. When you're ready to spend some money on a good art piece, you want to ensure you're making the right decision. These tips will help you know what piece to choose and know your money is being well spent.

high quality photograph of two ladybugs on a leaf

1. Budget

Before you start writing a check for the first beautiful landscape scene you see, you want to think about how much you can spend. Art prices range from quite affordable to extravagantly expensive. And if you can't afford a piece, you may want to wait and save up.

Maybe a smaller print, or one you frame yourself, is a better fit. Determine what you can spend, and then start looking for the next piece you want.

2. Know Where to Look

Nature photography, like other artwork, is available through a lot of different sellers. Some are the original artists, some are curated galleries, and some are knock-off stores trying to make a quick buck. It's important to know where to buy nature photography so you get your money's worth.

Learn about photography culture and the common prices you may see for quality work. Then dive into the different types of artists you like and the nature prints you'd want to buy. If you're buying online it can be best to go through the original photographer or a shop they are associated with so you know it's authentic and quality.

Peter james photography art gallary

3. Theme

The image you choose may depend on where you want to hang the photograph. Are you looking to hang it in an office area or in your bedroom? The theme of that room or wall can help determine the type of image you want.

Nature photography has a lot of options and topics within the work. Do you want a photo that has animals and movement? Do you want an image of a landscape that is calming? Think about the type of theme for where you wish to hang the work to help you determine what will feel best in that spot.

4. Color

Another thing to consider when browsing the work of a nature photographer is the color of each image. What colors have you been using to decorate or wish to use more? Our world provides a rainbow of options, so you can definitely find the color scheme you want in nature photography.

vibrant color nature wall art in living space

5. Size

The size of nature prints can vary greatly. Photography has the benefit of allowing choices for size with the same image. Sometimes a piece looks best as a sprawling print, but if you don't have the room go for an image that works in a smaller setting.

The size will impact the price, so consider your budget when you think of size. Look at where you want to put the art and how much space you want to fill.

6. Style

The style of the piece might feel irrelevant with photography, but it is still something to consider. Nature photography can be clean and still. It can be vibrant and full of motion.

Are you drawn to a particular type of nature photography? Or the work of a specific nature photographer? Figuring out the style you like in the art will help you whittle down your choices, and allow you to choose a piece you'll enjoy for years to come.

living room sunset nature wall art

7. Curate Your Collection

Do you already have some nature photography or fine art prints and want to add to your collection? Art is an investment and you can consider the pieces you already own when buying a new one.

Do you want to stick with one photographer and collect their work? Or do you want to branch out and explore multiple artists? Think of how a new piece might fit with the others, especially if they will be hung together on the same wall or in the same room.

8. Careful With Quality

The quality of nature photography prints can make a big difference in how the piece looks hanging on your wall. Nature prints that are too big for the size of the image will be too pixilated and not look how you want. Be sure you are buying from a reputable source and that the type of paper used for the print is what you want.

Are you looking for a clear and glossy image? Or do you want a matte, more rustic feel? These change depending on the print itself as well as the paper chosen.

high quality metal print mountain scene

9. Protecting the Art

When you are buying any fine art print, photographs included, you want to make sure it will be protected and taken care of. Time is not always kind to art, so getting it framed properly can help it maintain the image and look good for many years down the road.

Framing the photo in non-glare glass and having it matted before can add to the image and protect it from the sun. When you are putting money into art, part of that goes to protecting it from aging and any possible damage it could incur in your home or office.

Nature photography wide range of categories

Nature Photography for You

The beauty of nature photography is not found in one thing. You can find so many perfect photos for your and your space, and there's always something new being captured in the field. Nature photography allows you to save and enjoy the world around you with a snapshot in time. It can cheer you up or calm you down, or offer a nice space to momentarily think of in your day.

It can take you around the world or give you a piece of home to carry with you. Ready to start looking for your next favorite piece? Check out our beautiful selection here. Be sure to take a look at our free mockup service to see what a photo will look like in your space!


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