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Welcome to the Peter James Photo Blog

Eastern Washington fall color with professional nature photographer Peter James

Hi, I'm Peter James!  I love sharing about the adventures I go on to get my best landscapes and nature photography. I also enjoy teaching about photography and sharing photographic techniques.  I travel all around the Pacific Northwest from my home in Bellingham, WA, and you can come along with me through this blog.

There are three main elements to taking stunning nature photos. First is being in the right place at the right time, second is having a deep understanding of the technical aspects of photography, and the third is creative vision. The last item is something that I cannot teach because creative vision is such a personal thing, but the first two, it’s my pleasure to share tidbits about. I hope you find my photo blog fun and inspiring. Feel free to stop by my Nature Photography Gallery in Downtown Bellingham if you are ever in the area!


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