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  • Dragonfly With Dewdrop Wings

    This Blue Darter Dragonfly rests peacefully on red Oregon grape leaves with tiny dewdrops on the individual segments of its transparent wings.


    Washington State Wildlife Photography


    It was a cool fall morning at Birch Bay State Park, and I was out looking for interesting things to create nature photography art of. When I came across this beautiful dragonfly, I hoped it might stay still long enough to capture a fine art dragonfly photography print of. I was in luck!


    The cool weather seemed to have allowed dew to gather on its wings, keeping it from darting away and adding to the beauty of this limited edition dragonfly nature photograph. I explored many compositions, but I liked this dragonfly picture best because it shows the dragonfly’s full wingspan and the vivid colors of its surroundings are best shown in the tiny windows of its wings.


    Fine Art Dragonfly Wall Art for Living Room or Any Room


    If you love dragonflies, this is the perfect limited edition fine art dragonfly wall art to enhance your décor. It looks beautiful as small dragonfly wall art prints, and positively riveting as large dragonfly wall décor for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and anywhere else you want to celebrate the beauty of dragonflies in vibrant and lifelike photographic detail.

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