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Washington State Cascade Mountain art prints for sale

Dusk Over The North Cascades

Looking west from Heliotrope Ridge, the North Cascades disappear, layer by layer, into the distance.


Fine Art Mountain Photography that Soothes the Soul


Mountain photography adventures in the Cascade Mountains are fun to plan but hard to predict. On this trip, I carefully planned to be on Heliotrope Ridge on Mount Baker’s western flank for sunset at the peak of wildflower season to get some awesome wildflower sunset mountain photographs. We got there at the perfect time, but the light on Mt Baker was underwhelming and the best of the wildflower blooms had blossomed and faded early that year. So much for my mountain photography ideas for that night. The sun went down and so did my hopes for getting new mountain wall art for my collection.


But that’s when I turned around, and so did my chances for mountain photography. Behind me and into the distance the soft afterglow of the sunset was fading into the distant mountains. I put on my ultra-sharp telephoto lens, repositioned my tripod, composed this mountain landscape art print, and gently pressed the shutter.


Cascade Mountain Wall Art for Home


The smooth and sensual texture and colors of this large mountain art Metal Print will soothe and invigorate you. Panorama mountain wall art fits perfectly above beds and fireplaces, and on wide walls in dining rooms and in hallways. Peter James’ luxurious mountain photography prints give you the feeling of travel and adventure all in your own home.

  • Vibrant Limited Edition Metal Mountain Art Prints

    Bring the majesty of the Washington State mountains into your home with Fine Art Mountain Metal Prints. Order your mountain art prints online by selecting your size and clicking Add to Cart or call to order by phone (360) 733-9377.

Preview this wall art in your space. See how our Mockup Service works. Click here.

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