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fine art wildlife photography prints for sale

Family Of Transient Orca Whales

Three of Washington State's iconic orca whales graciously surface in perfect unison directly in front of Peter as they cross Haro Strait.


Washington State Orca Whale Wildlife Photography


While Orca Whales are found in all the world’s oceans, each area has its own sub-species called eco-types, and the two that live in the Pacific Northwest are very special to us here. Capturing this wildlife photography near me is equally as special for me as a nature artist. Our sub-species are the Resident Orcas which only eat salmon, and the Transient Orcas who are meat eaters. The family in this fine art wildlife photography print is from a transient pod who was likely on the lookout for a seal to make their next meal.


Almost every kind of wildlife photography takes a lot of patience and discipline, but great orca whale photography prints are among the hardest to get. Since opening my new gallery in “The Orca Building” in 2018, I’ve made it a point to get out to create orca whale photography prints as often as possible. From the west side of San Juan Island you used to be able to get nice wildlife photographs of the Resident Orcas right from the shore, but overfishing and destruction of salmon spawning habitat has made this orca whale photography location unreliable, necessitating observation by boat. So, I was delighted when I finally got this 5 second window on my 5th 5-hour whale watch trip in two years, where these three amazing orca whales all surface in unison in perfect formation.  


Fine Art Wildlife Wall Art for Living Room or Any Room


You may notice that most wildlife photography, and certainly most orca whale photography for sale is more documentary style than fine art. Being a professional fine art nature photographer, my standard for what I will put in my photography collection is quite high. I believe this image captures the exquisite beauty of nature as well as the playful personality of these orca whales. And in contrast to fine art paintings, this fine art orca whale photography art print is a real and lifelike as it gets.

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