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limited edition fine art fox photography prints
  • Fox In The Field

    Red fox at South Beach, San Juan Island wildlife photography.


    Washington State Wildlife Photography


    The wild red foxes of San Juan Island’s South Beach are not afraid of humans. However, they are not super happy to pose for wildlife photography either. They like to hide in the outskirts of the half dozen or so campfire pits and either wait until the people are gone to look for scraps of food left behind, or occasionally raid someone’s picnic in progress. To get good wildlife fox photographs then, like most wildlife photography, takes a lot of patience and a long wildlife telephoto lens.


    On this summer night my 11-year-old daughter and I had enjoyed a Pacific Northwest landscape photography stroll down the trail along the Southern San Juan coast and were heading back to where the fire pits are, hoping for a wildlife fox photography opportunity. We had seen one black fox scoot below a bush into its den earlier, but suddenly across the field in the warm evening sun, we spotted this red fox on the hunt. We quickly pulled out our cameras (I was teaching her about wildlife photography too), and waited for the right moment, then I squeezed the shutter, creating this fine art red fox photography wall art print.


    Fine Art Fox Wall Art for Living Room or Any Room


    The magical way the subject of this fox wall art decor blends into its surroundings makes its sleek snout and illuminated eyes seem to appear as suddenly as the fox would like to make your picnic disappear. This fox photograph almost looks like a fine art painting, but the distinct detail of every hair on its body gives it the depth and dimension that makes high resolution nature photography my favorite type of fine art.

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