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fine art olympic peninsula hoh river photography prints for sale

Hoh River Rock Purple Glow

Long after the sun has set, pink and purple tones still hover in the sky over the Hoh River and glisten off the wet river rock.


Lake & River Photography - From Sunrise to Sunset


The Hoh Rainforest in the Olympic National Park is a truly magical place, and one of my favorite spots to take river pictures. Coming in #1 as the wettest forest in the lower 48 United States, it receives an average of 150 inches of rain per year. The incredibly spongy soil in the rainforest soaks all that rainfall in and down into the aquifer where it remerges as springs that feed the creeks that all flow together to make the mighty Hoh River.


We had spent the day exploring this area of the river on the Spruce Nature Trail and enjoyed a lovely river sunset. But somehow, I couldn’t bring myself to stop taking river pictures. By the time I created this fine art photography print, it was so dark I needed a flashlight to see my camera and even to focus. But by doing a 30-second exposure I was able to bring out the last light in the sky and capture this soothing and dreamy river wall art print.


Invite Nature Indoors with Exquisite Wall Art for Home


This vertical panoramic format river wall art makes the perfect addition to any tranquil environment. Quickly create a spa-like setting in your home with this serene photography wall art décor. And if you are looking for a powerful impact, this image makes amazing large PNW art and can be printed up to 8 feet tall.

  • Vibrant Limited Edition Metal Mountain Art Prints

    Bring the majesty of the Washington State rivers into your home with Fine Art Mountain Metal Prints. Order your fine art photography prints online by selecting your size and clicking Add to Cart or call (360) 733-9377.

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