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fine art Pacific Northwest wall art for sale
  • Mist And Mallards At Lake Padden

    Lake Padden steams in the November morning sun as flocks of mallard ducks gather to feed and socialize.


    Lake Padden Photography Prints for Sale


    Nothing says Pacific Northwest fine art photography like a steamy lake surrounded by evergreen covered mountains. But this lake is special. Contained entirely by Lake Padden Park this is one of Bellingham Washington’s best protected, easiest accessed, and most cherished bodies of freshwater. It’s a magnet for swimmers, boaters, families, runners, and fishermen, not to mention fine art PWN nature photographers like me who love to take artistic pictures of lakes in nature.

    On the beautiful morning shown in this Lake Padden photography print I was on my way to open up my fine art photography gallery in Fairhaven, but I had an extra half hour and an intuition to head up the hill to Lake Padden for photography opportunities. The sun was low in the November sky and it was illuminating the mist coming off the lake. As this pair of mallards made their way out into the lake, they sent out ripples on the still water of this limited edition Lake Padden photography art print.


    Invite Nature Indoors with Exquisite Wall Art for Home


    Wouldn’t it be incredible to start every morning looking out at sunny Lake Padden? Well, because of the amazing wall art printing technology used, this fine art Lake Padden Metal Print looks so vibrant and realistic, you’ll feel like you are looking at the real thing every time you see this on your wall. And with wall art this colorful and full of sunlight, you’ll feel happier and more uplifted throughout the year.

    • Limited Edition Fine Art Photography Metal Prints

      Enjoy nature’s beauty every day with fine art PNW photography prints. Order Lake Padden photography prints for sale online by selecting your size and clicking Add to Cart, or call (360) 733-9377.

    Preview this wall art in your space. See how our Mockup Service works. Click here.

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