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  • Mist Over South Cascades Falls

    A cloudy and misty day near Mt. St. Helens made for a great opportunity to photograph this massive waterfall in Washington State's South Cascades Mountains.


    Waterfall Photography that Captures Power & Tranquility


    One of the most magnificent and popular waterfalls of the Northwest, Lower Lewis River Falls is truly a PNW delight. Its forested setting shows the dynamic relationship that forests and freshwater have. As the trees “exhale” they transpire water like the mist you see above the falls, and that mist forms clouds that attract more moisture and then rain down again. The spongy forest floor soaks the water into the water table where trees and other plants can “drink” it and what flows deeper comes up again in springs that feed the rivers.


    This amazing cycle keeps the water flowing at the Lower Lewis River Falls year-round, and without the forests it would either be a flood if it were raining, or it would dry up completely in summer.


    However, the lack of hiking required to get to these falls and its proximity to both Portland and Seattle make Lower Lewis River Falls so crowded with humans in the summer, you won’t be able to get any waterfall pictures without dozens of people in them. If you do visit this waterfall at all, I highly recommend going on a weekday, but be prepared for crowds anytime the sun is out.


    Panoramic Oversized Waterfall Wall Art


    You can enjoy the stunning beauty of Lower Lewis River Falls every day in your own home with waterfall wall art prints ranging from two feet wide to oversized waterfall photography wall art prints eight feet wide.

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