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Morning Mist On Mount Adams
  • Morning Mist On Mount Adams

    A solid bank of mist opens up to reveal Mount Adams and the old growth forest that surrounds it, beautifully reflected in Takhlakh Lake, in southern Washington State.


    Fine Art Mountain Photography that Inspires the Soul


    Takhlakh Lake (pronounced tock-lock) is a remote wilderness destination that makes for amazing mountain photography art. However, the conditions you get are up to Mother Nature, and sometimes she requires patience to get the lighting needed to get the kind of mountain wall art prints I like to create.


    Three mornings in a row I woke up in the blackness of pre-dawn and found my way to the lake’s edge, hoping to make mountain photography magic. The previous morning was overcast, so no mountain sunrise photography for me that day. This morning was entirely cloudless which isn’t as good for sunrise as having some clouds in the sky would be, especially since this was photography of Mount Adams’ west side. I did get one stunning purple mountain photograph early on in the blue hour before the sun was up, but then suddenly a fog bank closed in and within 5 minutes it had engulfed everything. That was my cue that my mountain wall art window had closed, and it was time to head back to camp and back to sleep since it wasn’t even 6 am yet. But something told me to wait. I’ve learned to listen when I feel I’m being guided by the mind of Nature, so I waited in the fog for over 30 minutes. Then suddenly, the sky opened again and within 5 minutes was entirely clear. In that narrow time window, I captured this fine art misty mountain photography art print, freezing this moment when the mist wrapped the forest and Mount Adams with elegance and grace.


    Misty Mountain Wall Art for Home


    Although incredible at any size, this mountain wall art print makes especially nice large mountain art prints. For any Mount Adams photography print lover, this Metal Print will be a big double wow!

    • Vibrant Limited Edition Metal Mountain Art Prints

      Bring the majesty of the mountains into your home with Fine Art Mountain Metal Prints. Order your Mountain art prints online by selecting your size and clicking Add to Cart or call to order by phone (360) 733-9377.

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